Design projects

This gorgeous Restoration Hardware dresser is what I wish I had for a change table. Instead, I’ll have to get crafty.

I have a love of interior design, so putting together the nursery in our apartment has been a lot of fun for me. We’re trying to put together the whole room on a budget, so reusing most of the furniture we had in the office before it was changed. I love the industrial look, so I’ve been trying to bring in some aspects like that into the room, which is taking on a particularly masculine look.

One store I adore, but cannot come close to affording, is Restoration Hardware. They have a line for children and nurseries, and what I wouldn’t give to have unlimited means. They have a lot of antiqued furniture, so I’ve decided to try to recreate the look for our dresser/change table.

I started with a rather plain IKEA wood dresser, which is more in line with our budget. It’s certainly not beautiful, but hopefully it will do the trick.

Plain IKEA dresser – let’s see what I can turn it into

The first step in the whole process is to paint it a darker colour – as if this pine dresser might have actually been made from a richer dark wood like walnut or chestnut. I used a tinted primer from Benjamin Moore – of course as low-VOC as possible, to protect both me and baby. I actually wasn’t aware you could tint primers. It make sense, of course, but I feel like this is a brand new thing. Have I just not been paying attention? It’s brilliant, anyways.

The dark brown is drying an impossibly ugly colour, a dull brown-grey. I certainly don’t love this, but it will do the trick, I think, for what I’m going for.

First coat of paint – in an ugly grey-brown. I love the colour of the walls in the nursery, though

As the paint dries, it’s easy to see I’ve missed quite a bit of the wood – probably because the grain is so rough. I think I’ll wait for a few days for it to dry completely, then add another coat of primer over the areas that will be seen.

For other interior design ideas, check out my column in The Calgary Sun, on interior lighting. Proper lighting in the right places at the right wattage can make or break a room – it’s one of the most important qualities that will create the right atmosphere.

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