Getting knitty and keeping warm for winter

More than two years ago, I bought a beautiful ball of wool with gorgeous variegated colours, with the idea to knit a tuque for myself. It took all that time to actually get around to it, and to find a pattern I liked enough to commit to. Today I finally finished it! It’s done in a Beaufort pattern, named after the Beaufort  nautical wind scale. The pattern is reminiscent of billowing whitecaps. The warm wool should be enough to get me through this chilly Calgary winter.

The hat wasn’t the easiest thing for me, though. After several false starts, I knit the hat several weeks ago. What I failed to take into consideration is my abnormally large head, and perhaps I was knitting a little tight. Whatever the reason, the sizing for a “medium adult” ended up perching precariously on the top of my head like a ridiculous beanie.

I fortunately had enough wool to complete the larger tuque this time without having to take apart the other one. Now, once the baby is big enough, we can wear matching tuques. I’m sure he won’t be embarrassed at all by this. Here are the twin tuques side by side. I can’t believe I thought the first one could possible fit!

And for some extra adorableness, I also knit some leg-warmers for the baby. I was making fun of my mom who wanted to knit him a pair of knee pads, but the tables were turned when she saw I had knit legwarmers. They are huge, but if the baby is anything like his mom, he’ll come up with extra chunky thighs, so he’ll need the leg room.

I know, adorable beyond words.

Word of the day:

Ineffable: Incapable of being expressed or described in words; inexpressible

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