Nailing It: nail art and the Midas touch

My gorgeous sister, Allie, was over the other day, and let me partake in her newest hobby: nail art. And when Allie throws herself into something, she goes all out. The nails she creates are absolutely beautiful, and every week she has a new idea she wants to try out.

I wanted to do my nails for an actual event – friends had rented out a theatre for a showing of Skyfall, the new Bond flick, and the dress was black tie. I’m not feeling particularly sexy or Bond-girl-esque with my round belly, but I figured at least I could have some really nice nails.

The concept: Pink nails to match my dress, dipped in gold. And yes, I would make many cheesy “Goldfingers” jokes through the night.

Here are the colours she chose for me. The Sephora gold in the back is a colour actually made from flecks of 18-carat gold! How luxurious. To be honest, I felt bad she even used any on me, but I guess that’s the point of buying a colour like that. She also used Essie’s “Secret Story” and a cheaper, less made-of-real-gold shimmer for extra sparkle.

After two coats of paint! We decided to do an accent nail on the ring finger in a pale pink.

18 carat gold! Most of my jewelry doesn’t come close to as nice as that!

Next, the base coat is mixed in with the sparkle. She then dabs on the mixed colours with a sponge as a gradient, so the gold is only at the tips.

Note: Sparkly nailpolish does not come off skin easily with nail-polish remover. I will stick to you until death. A better way to do it is wait for it to dry completely overnight – it will dry right off the skin and you can to an easy clean up job. This is the finished product. I was having difficulty getting a decent one-handed shot, so you can’t see the tips as well as you should. Take my word for it that they look fantastic. Also: those are some hella sausage fingers!

As an added bonus, I had gotten a pedicure last week. The spa carried O.P.I.’s new Bond colours, all really deep, sparkly shades. I couldn’t resist – here are my toes in “You Only Live Twice.”

Allie did her own nails with a winter wonderland theme – a white shimmery base with a silvery holographic overcoat. She also added in some red sparkles to get with the holidays on an accent nail.

Shimmery holographic paint. This is a colour that really doesn’t photograph well. You really need to see it in real life to see how amazing it looks.

Up close with the finished product, including the red sparkles. I love the look, and will make her do this for me next week, probably. Unless she has an even better idea – candy cane swirls? Or should I wait until December for that?

Word of the day:

Sartorial: of or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress: sartorial splendor


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