Retro-inspired and handmade: To die for baby knits

I love knitting – and knitting baby clothes is extra fun, since it doesn’t take as long as adult-sized clothes. Just as you’re starting to get bored as hell of a stockinette stitch, you’re finished. As much as I love how relaxing knitting is, how soft the yarn feels, the idea of creating my very own clothes, I equally despise sewing – namely, the sewing together of knit pieces into an actual garment. So I finally got out the needle and thread last night and finished (or started to put together) a few pieces I’ve knit for my little guy. This reindeer retro-inspired sweater with shawl collar is my absolute favourite.

This was the first time I’ve ever knit a colour pattern inset like this, and I was surprised at how nicely it turned out. It took numerous tries to get it right, though. I don’t remember how many times I would knit it, then rip it out, much to my husband’s horror.

The bright orange is so beautiful, I want to make this sweater adult-sized as well. The shawl collar seems so grown up, and tough somehow. I think there is no way a little guy can avoid being absolutely adorable in this sweater. I’ll have to wait awhile, though. I knit this for 18 mos to 2 years, because I think clothes get more wear in older kids (as opposed to newborns, who poop on something once then grow out of it).

This is my next project I started to put together. It’s not done because I have no idea how to put on the buttonholder and collar to this. My pattern is French translated into English. While I understand both languages, something seems to have got lost in translation, because I do not understand where pieces need to go, or how to attach them. This seems like a job for mom (soon to be grandma), who is like the horse-whisperer of knitting patterns. Lucky for me, I see her this weekend!

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