YA novels: love will absolutely save everything

I am going to blog about City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls, by Cassandra Clare, together, since I read them back to back and the storyline continues right through without break.

After my major eyeroll that The Mortal Instruments series continues after the initial trilogy, I got over it and delved into these books. Clary, the heroine of the piece, is training to be a Shadowhunter (a half-human, half-angel warrior) and is super excited she finally gets to make out with her blindingly good-looking boyfriend, Jace, guilt-free now that she knows for reals he’s not her brother. That plotline was just so majorly icky, but apparently not a theme Cassandra Clare is willing to let go of any time soon.

Anyway, the merry band of half angels, half good-ish demons, werewolves and vampires do battle with legitimately evil demons. In this first book (and I’m assuming for the whole second trilogy), the big bad is Lilith, the mother of demons. Assuming Clare wasn’t using a mythological figure generally seen as a feminist figure for a specific commentary (Lilith was Adam’s first companion, kicked out of heaven for not being subservient enough. Instead Adam ended up with Eve, and that didn’t really end well. Damn us women, always ruining everything!), I can get down with this villain. She is appropriated devilish. Mixed up in there is Clary’s actual brother, Sebastian, who is legit evil. Lilith and Sebs run around doing evil things, like killing babies and possessing Jace.

But I just have to say, the whole incest thing? Has got to stop. I have had enough of it. What is it about Clary that makes anyone who is/thinks he is her brother obsess over her sexually? Please, no more.

There is one more book in this trilogy, which I’m sure also has tons of incest in it. Will I read it? Of course I will. The Mortal Instruments books are fun, easy reads and I do want to see how love will be the answer to everything at the end.

As is found in Beautiful Redemption, the finale in the Beautiful Creations series by Kami Garcia. And I really hope it is for sure the last one in this series, because I found all of these books really boring. They were recommended to me by a teenage girl working at Chapters. Also recommended by a teenage girl working at Chapters: Twilight. I now consider myself warned.

There’s a lot going on in this book (and the whole four-book series really). There is also a lot of teen angst, and of course a greater-than-the-depth-of-the-universe love that can only exist between teenagers (I don’t mean that derogatively – teen love is full-on awesome, and never to be recreated).

But when the book is all about good and bad spellcasters and journeys through the afterlife, it should be much more exciting than it is. I’m not sure if there’s too much description or flat characters I never really connected with, but I found myself scanning pages to see how it ends. Guess what? (spoiler alert): True love conquers all.

With new movies coming out on each of these series, City of Bones and Beautiful Creatures, I’m sure these are going to get even more popularity than they already have. Which one will be the next Twilight/Hunger Games?

Word of the day:

Nociception: the neural processes of encoding and processing noxious stimuli


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