Nailing it: Galaxies and candy canes

NailsWInterOnce again my sister was at it with her nail art. She did some winter-inspired nails for me – just like she did for herself a few weeks ago. She also tried some new looks out on my mom and herself.

GalaxyBlackMy mom went with some pretty striking Galaxy nails. It starts off with a base coat of black. I don’t think my mother has EVER worn black nail polish before, so there’s a first time for everything!

Galaxy4Next, my sister took three deep shades of colour, a sparkly purple, a deep navy and crimson, then sponged on the colours in random patterns, to convey the swirling of the galaxies.

Galaxy5The colours are subtle and really pretty. There’s clean up necessary afterwards – sponging can get pretty messy.

Galaxy6The final coat is a holographic overcoat – the sparkles add depth, as well as that starry finish we’re looking for.

The final result – some gorgeous galaxy nails.

CandyCane1Allie went with some candy cane stripes for her nails. This is a long, frustrating process that needs patience! She put on a base coat of white hours earlier, because they need to be perfectly dry to make this work. We then spent time cutting up tape into tiny strips (painters tape might have worked better – Scotch tape allowed for some bleeding.)

CandyCane2She then painted the non-taped area with cherry red for the stripes. A top coat in red sparkles finished the look. I think these are pretty! I know she thinks they are a little messy, so it means she’ll want to try it again soon – maybe I’ll have a Christmas look myself sooner than later!

Word of the day:

Quizzical: questioning or puzzled; derisively questioning, ridiculing, or chaffing


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