O Christmas Tree!

Here are some helpful tips to finding the right Christmas tree, up to the best ways to deck it out with the sparkly shimmer to light up your holidays:


From buying a tree to showering it with decorations, the Christmas tree is an icon of the holiday season.

“Choosing a Christmas tree can be overwhelming,” says Fiona Wilson, department manager at Home Depot. “All that choice can create anxiety.”

Height is the easiest thing to decide. “Remember to add room for the stand underneath,” Wilson says. “For the average ceiling, look to the five to seven foot sizes, and the lot should be able to shorten it for you if need be.”

When trying to find the right shape of the tree, you can ask the lot to unbundle a tied tree, but keep in mind that trees will open more once they are warm in the house.

“Look to the weight of the tree,” she says. “It should have heft to it, indicating that the tree still has lots of water in it. Also, tap it on the ground to see how many needles fall out – a shower of needles shows that the tree is too dry and won’t last the season.”

Trimming the stump down is essential, as the tree forms a seal once it is chopped down that means it can’t bring in any water. When taking the tree home, put it in water as soon as possible.

“A good tree will last into January, but it might be taking in up to a gallon of water a day,” Wilson says. “Make sure it’s getting the water it needs to last through the holidays.”

Once the tree is set up, the hard part is over and you can focus on the fun stuff: decorating.

“Start by picking a theme for your tree,” says designer Debbie Travis, who designed several Christmas tree styles for Canadian Tire. “This helps you work with a colour scheme and choose coordinated ornaments.”

Set the basics up before adding the ornaments, like stringing the lights, garland and ribbons on the tree.

Travis has a handy breakdown on how many ornaments should be used in the tree decorations. “For every foot of height of the tree, use five core ornaments, like round baubles that provide the main colour scheme for your tree, three accent ornaments in different shapes with added embellishments and two ornaments that reflect your theme,” she says.

“Hang your core ornaments around the tree first, then your accent and finally your theme.”

To complete your Christmas look, add a coordinating tree topper and skirt, then stand back and enjoy the festivity of the season.

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