Christmas treats for your best friend


This Christmas came with some very sad news for the family – my beloved golden retriever, Riley, is suffering from late-stage cancer and has very little time left with us. Although it’s hard to believe in that he still behaves like a puppy with boundless energy, this season is where I will have to say goodbye to him.

I wanted to bring him something special for the last time I get to spend time with him. I’m not the type to be into serving my dog hand and foot (and why should I, when he is just so darned pleased with dry dog food), I figured since a toy is out of the question, I’d bake him up a tasty just-for-dog treats, using his favourite ingredient: peanut butter.


This recipe is unbelievably easy. Mix 2 cups of whole wheat flour with one cup of oats. Mix in with 1/3 cup of peanut butter and 1 1/2 cups of hot water. Knead until it forms a dough.

While I normally suck at making dough, this is something I can get behind. There is no danger in making these cookies too tough – in fact, the whole point is to make them hard to the point of being inedible to humans, but perfect for crunching in strong jaws.


The recipe suggested I roll out the dough and use dog shape cut-outs, which would be adorable I’ll admit but I have no such cookie cutters and I believe the effort would be lost on the audience. Riley’s only real question is: does it have peanut butter in it? Instead, I flattened the cookies with a fork and baked them for 40 minutes on 350 degrees – want to make sure they’re baked to a good hardness!

The result is they look like rustic peanut butter cookies – enough so I had to label the bag, in case someone mistook them for questionable people-type Christmas cookies. There is no way Riley’s thinking these are people food though – he knows they are definitely his and is taking great pleasure in eating as many as I give him – which is very many indeed.


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