Beauty for pregnancy

Let’s be real here for a second. As much as everyone with good intentions likes to talk about your “beautiful glow” when you are pregnant, you are feeling far from beautiful. At nine months pregnant, I feel like a bloated beached whale, flopping around and struggling to move. My new couch creaks and groans offensively every time I sit on it and my cheeks have taken on the dangerous look of a puffer fish. So thanks very much for the talk about my magical glow, but sometimes a girl needs a little bit extra to feel like she’s looking nice, you know?

Here are some of my favourite treats I’ve been indulging in during the pregnancy. Most of these are courtesy my sister, who is not only an expert in all things nails but in all things make-up, will track down beauty products across the globe and practically has a majority share in Sephora. I am counting on her to make sure I still look good as I become a mom, and hopefully her advice goes beyond “Dear lord, take a shower” and “stop cutting your hair.”


Who loves pregnancy acne? Because this is a very real problem, for me at least. I went to get a facial earlier on in the pregnancy, hoping they could help with the new hormonal kicks I was dealing with. The lady actually laughed at me and said “good luck with that.” I have not returned to that spa. Instead, I found a better one. Skoah, a company (I believe) based out of Vancouver, is a spa dealing only in skin, which refers to itself rather pretentiously as a “personal trainer for your skin.” Don’t be put off by that, because they are great. I received a gift card for them so went to try out their “Mummy and Tummy facial.” My sister’s boyfriend referred to this as the most Calgary thing he’s ever heard of, but it was wonderful. With great results! My skin was not only much more hydrated afterwards, but the acne was tamed, mainly due in part to the Kick It Kreme. A little goes a long way with this, and it also helps to heal afterwards and tone down any scarring.


For anyone with fears of stretch marks, this is the shit. L’Occitane always has the most amazing skin products, and an oil designed to help pregnant ladies keeping their skin hydrated, toned and without those red lines is perfect. Unless of course you have a nut allergy, then I would definitely not recommend. I’ve been oiling up my belly since early pregnancy, and I still have no visible stretch marks. Although I’ve been warned about the marks that show up afterwards, but surely if I can’t see them now, they can’t be that bad. Right? The almond oil also gets marks for having a gorgeous delicate scent that both me and my husband love.Makeup3

Poor lips get chapped and crusty where I live over winter. Calgary being in a desert, or a tundra, there is never a lot of humidity to go around. So a great lip exfoliant can do wonders. Lip Sugar not only provides results but is delicious as well.Makeup1

My new favourite eye-liner, Too-Faced is inky black and stays put all day. On the other side is a great smudger that lets you either pull the colour to a point or blend it into your lash-line. It also takes a really light touch to get a good look, so it lasts forever.


New mascara is always the most fun. Buxom is great for full, long lashes (and who doesn’t want those?) The wand expands and contracts, so you’re first layer, with the expanded wand, puts the maximum amount of colour on your lashes. Then the contracted wand spreads the colour up and along the lashes, so you get both volume and length.


I first started using Lavanila’s perfumes before I even got pregnant, after reading about all the hormones that can be found in your standard perfume. Lavanila is hormone free and completely natural, based on actual vanilla pods. I love this vanilla coconut scent, but it’s a little too sweet/too much like baked goods for some people.


Going directly against the whole all-natural, organic scent is this hair perfume my sister got me. She’s been wearing this for years and I’ve always loved the smell of it. You spray it directly onto your greasy, unshowered hair, and all of a sudden you smell amazing. Or “sensual” in this case. What more could a new mom ask for?

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