Designing nurseries – the little details


When I started to put together a look for our nursery, I wanted something that was classic and sophisticated … after all, it’s more a room for me than for the baby, for the time being, anyways. We already had some framed nautical maps on the walls, so we decided to go with a travel theme, with understated furniture in rich colours. For me, it was really the little details that pulled the look together.

The only big project I took on for this room was redoing a really gross IKEA dresser into something a little more pulled together, with a distressed finish (click here to see what this originally looked like, and how I got it into this shape!). The final product turned out really nicely. I went with a lightly distressed finish – nothing too extreme.


DresserDistressing The handles I ordered in from Banbury Lane, a Calgary company specializing in door hardware. They ended up being inexpensive and add the right touch to the piece. Here’s the final product:


The model ship is a replica of the Bluenose, a little whimsical Z and I bought when on a recent trip to Nova Scotia. It goes well with the theme!

For some art over the crib, I wanted to keep in theme and add a little boyish touch. For this, I found photographs of old-school airplanes. It was easy enough to touch them up in photoshop, then put them in these very inexpensive IKEA frames, which also fit in well with the design of the room.


This is my favourite shot!

This is my favourite shot!

I’m really happy with the end result of the whole room. It’s attractive to me, peaceful and still perfectly functional. Well, I hope. I imagine there’s going to be some readjustments made as our little man moves in!

The final product

The final product

Word of the day:

Fecund: producing or capable or producing offspring, fruit, vegetation, etc., in abundance; prolific; fruitful; very productive or creative intellectually


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