Beauty Beat


This is a new mascara by Cover Girl – Clump Crusher by lashblast. It sounds like it could be hardcore. I think this isn’t available in Canada yet, but it can’t be long before we get it as well. My sister was trading some Canadian-based makeup with someone in the US (I think?) to get her hands on it. I appreciate the effort – this mascara is awesome! It’s good for a day mascara. It doesn’t go on very thick and, as the name implies, there are really no clumps to be found, so it has a great natural look. I have been blessed with really long eyelashes, but it can lead to sticky spidery clumps if you’re not too careful, so this is perfect. Hopefully we’ll be seeing this in the aisles of Shoppers before long!

Update: Apparently, Cover Girl’s clump crusher is available right here in Calgary, and has been spotted in Shoppers. Try it out – nothing beats inexpensive mascara.

Word of the day:

Vitriol: something highly caustic or severe in effect, as criticism.


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