How do you feel about the “hottest” colour trends this year?

I love where colour trends come from – it literally can be from anywhere. I think that job, the traveling around the world and deciding, yup, pastels are in this year, would be very fun. Here are some of these colour experts weighing in on what we’re going to love this year from my Calgary Sun column:

Photo courtesy Behr Paints - Sweet Jazz colour palette

Photo courtesy Behr Paints – Sweet Jazz colour palette

Paint companies often look into the hottest inspirations of the year, from fashion to furniture to social media. Their design experts compile palettes to inspire new looks and let homeowners explore exactly what style they would like to put forward in the new year.

The overarching themes for annual colour palettes have many influences, from world travel to industry to fashion shows.

Behr Paints has introduced four colour palettes for 2013, some taking their cue from the world of fashion. “Our Colour Metric palette is based on colour blocking, a trend that is becoming more pronounced,” says Nancy Bollefer, Canadian marketing manager for Behr. “The contemporary edge of this look would suit young, urban dwellers living in condos.

“Another look that is resonating with people this year is Sweet Jazz, a palette that reflects the celebratory mood of the ‘20s. Soft pinks and metallic gold create a livable luxe in any room.”

Sico paints looked more to the pattern of our socially-connected lives, using both bold and subtle hues to show the influence of technology in our lives. “The colours for the year ahead represent both people’s expressions of individuality developed through their intense use of technology, as well as their desire to log out from time to time,” says Mylène Gévry, brand director for AkzoNobel, makers of Sico paint.

Collective Passion by Sico creates a visual feast of movement with colours on colours. “Emitting a feel of energy, joy and creativity, the colours also combine well with chalk whites and warm greys for a more subdued look,” Gévry says.

We also need time to step back and reflect on how technology influence our reality and state of mind, which is the influence behind Sico’s Switching Off, with a tranquil palette of blue-tinted blacks, snow-capped whites and harmonizing greys and taupes.

Historical influences will often inspire new colour palettes, as with Behr’s elegant Classic Caprice. “Traditional formal spaces are translated into new classics by sleek furnishings and modern materials like Lucite,” Bollefer says. “Architectural detailing and tactile fabrics really make this look, which draws from past ages and Eastern influences.”

Don’t forget to look to the work of the great masters, with the visually-appealing Visual Solace by Sico, inspired by gardens in bloom and the paintings of the Old Masters. Floral pinks, dusky violets and bronze and offset by mustard yellow and darker purple for a soothing, warm feel.

And for something made for Calgary, check out Behr’s Apres Ski palette, which blurs the line between inside and out. “This trend is fun, young and folksy, where the natural landscape is reflected in the design and finishes,” Bollefer says. “A forest green that is a little retro works well with the warm woods and reclaimed materials.”

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