Gourmet with Gruyere


I’ve been spending way too much time on my iPhone, but my newest favourite app is Epicurious’ – great for finding recipes. In my perusal, I found two recipes that both used Gruyere cheese, a favourite of cheese fondue lovers everywhere. So I got myself some Gruyere and decided to see how things went.

The first one I tried was a hearty breakfast – Rosti with fried eggs. I love breakfast foods, they are so good at all times of the day, but no more so than during a lovely Sunday brunch.

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Book reviews

This may not come as a surprise to some, but since becoming a mother I haven’t been able to get through my usual book every two days or so. Somehow, I’m never able to sit down and really enjoy a book. But, I am trying. Here’s what I’ve read since motherhood caught up with me:


Bridget Jones’s Diary, by Helen Fielding

I had Bridget Jones’s diary with me at the hospital, and good thing too since we ended up staying for five days. It certainly was not the first time I’ve read it, or the tenth. I love this book.

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Valentine’s Treat

My husband hates Valentine’s Day. Like, almost more than he hates anything. With a fiery passion.

It’s okay, it’s something I can respect. I get hating feeling forced to be romantic. And, in his defence, Z is an extremely romantic person who does actually do romantic things throughout the year, so I have given up demanding a romantic evening for this one holiday.

But, I still like Valentine’s Day, and I see no reason why romance shouldn’t be celebrated, whether or not it’s being forced. So I do the romantic things on this day.

I should say that, with a fussy two-and-a-half week old in the house, romance is not really on the agenda anyways, but it’s always nice to take a little time to nod in its general direction.

I decided to make chocolate-covered strawberries – perfectly easy, vaguely healthy and can be done with one infant snuggled up in a sling (the hard part was making sure his head didn’t get dripped with chocolate as I inevitably sampled the goods – was only partially successful).

The recipe is super easy. You get your strawberries, and your chocolate, then add just a bit of shortening to the mix. I used 6 oz of semi-sweet chocolate and 2 oz unsweetened (I like things dark).


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Labour cake: delicious idea or slightly insane?

Sorry about the hiatus. Two weeks ago, I brought my beautiful little guy into the world. After a grueling delivery, five days at the NICU and a introduction to the world of total sleep deprivation, I’ve been slightly distracted.

I wanted to talk about this idea that was given me by … I’m not actually sure where, now that I think of it. Probably in one of those hippie-esque books on labour I read over the past few months. The concept is that a mother in labour is to bake a cake while in the early stages – apparently that’s what girls used to do, anyway. It served several purposes: It kept you out of the hospital longer, as you had to wait for the cake to cool and be iced before you could go in. It kept you distracted. Then, once you’ve had the baby, you have a pre-made goodie to serve all your guests like the good hostess that you are.

I found this idea charming, asides from the hostessing thing. Now I think it might be psychotic, but that notwithstanding, I did go ahead and make a cake while in labour. It provided less of a distraction than I imagined.

I went with a Cinnamon Heart Cake – a favourite in my family and all decked out to welcome our little guy home.

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