Valentine’s Treat

My husband hates Valentine’s Day. Like, almost more than he hates anything. With a fiery passion.

It’s okay, it’s something I can respect. I get hating feeling forced to be romantic. And, in his defence, Z is an extremely romantic person who does actually do romantic things throughout the year, so I have given up demanding a romantic evening for this one holiday.

But, I still like Valentine’s Day, and I see no reason why romance shouldn’t be celebrated, whether or not it’s being forced. So I do the romantic things on this day.

I should say that, with a fussy two-and-a-half week old in the house, romance is not really on the agenda anyways, but it’s always nice to take a little time to nod in its general direction.

I decided to make chocolate-covered strawberries – perfectly easy, vaguely healthy and can be done with one infant snuggled up in a sling (the hard part was making sure his head didn’t get dripped with chocolate as I inevitably sampled the goods – was only partially successful).

The recipe is super easy. You get your strawberries, and your chocolate, then add just a bit of shortening to the mix. I used 6 oz of semi-sweet chocolate and 2 oz unsweetened (I like things dark).


Yum, delicious. I love strawberries. I love them even more later on in the season, when they are gorgeous and fresh and somewhat local, but I’ll take these in a pinch. Then, you melt the chocolate over a double boiler, which I don’t have, so I just put a broad bowl over my smallest pot.

Strawberries2Once everything is all melted up, just dip the strawberries into that chocolatey goodness, then put them on wax paper to harden. If you’re fancy, you can use toothpicks and styrofoam so they look good, but around here things are neither fancy nor particularly good looking.

Strawberries3Here is where I made my mistake. Now that I had all these delicious treats ready to go, I wanted to make sure they would harden in time for my husband to get home. So I stuck them in the freezer. And forgot about them. So, when Z got home, they were closer to chocolatey popsicles than anything. Now that they’ve frozen, the integrity of the strawberries has been affected. They taste more like strawberry slush than anything. Not necessarily a bad thing – the extra sweetness counteracts the dark chocolate quite nicely – but it wasn’t exactly what I was going for. So, avoid freezing these if at all possible!

Word of the day:

Liaison: an illicit sexual relationship.


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