Weight loss after the baby

Ugh, what I'll be eating for the next week.

Ugh, what I’ll be eating for the next week.

I know it’s only been two month since having X, but I can already tell that this whole weight-loss thing is going to be a bitch. I could be naive here, but I feel like I shouldn’t be looking down a 30-pound discrepancy at this point. I mean, the baby has come out, right? To be fair, I had totally gone nuts during the pregnancy. As I chowed down on another pint of ice cream, I would giggle “boy am I going to pay for this later.” Not so funny now, is it, pregnant Lauren?
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Going Irish 2


The thing I love about Irish food is this: it’s not elegant. This is simple, peasant’s fare, hearty and wholesome, good stick-to-your-ribs kind of food. On this particular St. Patrick’s Day, I made an Irish stew, which someone compared to gravy in a good way, as well as an Irish soda bread. Perfect for a snowy, chilly day out there, and made to great enthusiasm from those who came over to share the day with us (along with a Guinness or two).

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Let’s get Irish

Nanaimo5St. Patrick’s Day used to be a day of excessive drinking, carousing and carrying on – just like my ancestors wanted. But add kids to the mix and things change, big time. Today we’re hosting a St. Paddy’s Day dinner – at 4 p.m., I kid you not. A big sorry and thank you to my childless friends who put up with this.
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Kung Pao Awesome

KungPao6I had a craving the other day for some Asian food – something mild and peanut-based, so I found a recipe for some yummy Chicken Kung Pao. The original recipe is from Michael Smith, found on the Food Network – I’ve changed a few things to suit my needs/my pantry.

(Sidenote: I met Michael Smith at Jasper Park Lodge’s Christmas in November. My lasting impressions were: whoa, tall; and creepy stalker eyes.)

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Book reviews

Apparently, I’m falling behind on my blogging schedule. What can I say? Things have been busy around here! I’ve been so distracted I actually didn’t realize how many books I’ve read, so it’s time for another update.


Death Comes to Pemberly, by P. D. James

Death Comes to Pemberly, by P.D. James, is a mystery fanfic about Darcy and Elizabeth, seven years into their marriage, written by P.D. James. I like the concept, and I’m always up for anyone’s interpretation of the marriage of two of literatures most famous lovers. I thought James did a great job in capturing Jane Austen’s rather prim tone of the time and you can see how the story smoothly flows from Pride and Prejudice.

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Spicy chocolate to warm the spirits

Lately, the weather in Calgary has been beautiful – there has even been talk of an early spring! – but all that changed when a huge system blew in last night. A day-long blizzard has left everyone huddled up inside, watching the near white-out conditions obliterate our clear lawns and sidewalks. However, there are lots of benefits to be stuck indoors, trying to find ways to stay warm. That’s right … I’m talking about hot chocolate.

I found a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate awhile ago, but it hasn’t been the right appropriate conditions yet. So, in face of all that white, I thought I’d try the drink reminiscent of the south.

Hot Chocolate1

Mexican Hot Chocolate:
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