Beauty beat: Purple shampoo

ShampooHave I talked about purple shampoo yet? Purple shampoo is just nearly as awesome as dry shampoo (which is the only way I look even vaguely pulled together lately, what with the often absence of showers). Purple shampoo is for those days when I actually do shower.

I’m surprised how few blondes (bottle or otherwise) know about this product. It works as a toner. Well, it is a toner, actually. Every few days I lather this into my hair and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing and conditioning. The purpose of it is to take warm-toned blonde colours (the golds, the caramels and at the ugly end of the spectrum, the pineapple yellows) and take out the warmth, leaving a more attractive cool blonde behind. This is so necessary for me. My natural hair colour, which hasn’t really been seen since I was thirteen and thought that KoolAid was the absolute best way to brighten my colour, is akin to a mouse-brown – greyish and retiring, not hardly a colour anyone would seek. I’ve been blonde on and off for years now. I’ve always loved being blonde, and my favourite colours are either a subtle cool wheat, or bright platinum (occasionally with pink streaks that take me back to my KoolAid days.) But with warm undertones, that blonde goes brassy so quickly. And it’s not a good look. Even back in the nineties when everyone was getting chunky caramel blonde streaks in their dark brown hair … it still wasn’t a good look. Instead of enduring brassiness, you throw this great product into your hair every few days, and it’s all good. Your blonde will last for months.

Also, this particular Unite product smells EXACTLY like grape juice. It is so delicious. Like, it is actually difficult to NOT taste it. Not recommended, though. It for sure does not taste like grape juice.

Word of the day:

Sardonic: characterized by bitter or scornful derision; mocking; cynical; sneering: a sardonic grin.


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