A dream home … in the making

Things have been very exciting over in our household – we decided our baby needed a house, so we bought him a house! The very best part of it is, it’s a renovator’s dream. Like, this house is ugly, super ugly, but most of the work needed is cosmetic. And, it’s a split-level on a big, 50 foot lot. This kind of lot is basically unheard of in inner-city Calgary anymore, as the developers snap these up and put in giant in-fill duplexes. Somehow we managed to steal this place at an awesome deal, and I can’t wait to take possession to start making it beautiful! This post is pretty much going to consist of the “before” photos. I can’t wait to start updating with photos of the reno.


This is the main level, which is going to be entirely redone. In case you’re asking, yes, that is a wall of smoked mirrors. It baffles me that somebody thought to themselves … yes, this wall of smoked mirrors is a great design choice – and it will never go out of style! The paint colours throughout the home are also dreadful. Here it’s a mint green, with a stripe of darker mint green on the ceiling to ensure everything looks smaller and lower. I do like the original hardwood floors, but unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to save them.

Reno4Here’s the kitchen. Even with big windows facing out to the huge south-facing backyard, they have still managed to make the room look dark and dated. This will all be going. The floor may have some horrible asbestos secrets under this floor, which I am truly hoping won’t happen, but I guess that’s the  beauty (or terror) of reno’ing an old home.

Reno2This is the inside wall of the kitchen (sorry for photo quality, these were taking while talking with the contractor and balancing a very unhappy baby on the hip). That will be going too. This whole main level is going to be a big open concept – a look that I wasn’t always into as the necessary standard, but on a smaller footprint I think it’s the best. Taking this wall up will send light flooding through the whole place.

Reno5The light fixture in the “dining room” will also go, as well as the whole concept of a dining room. We’re thinking built-in seating, built-in shelving, as well as patio doors here opening up to the patio that has yet to be built!

Reno3I guess just to show how bad the paint is here. This is the master bedroom, it looks tiny, done in dark burgandy (???) and full of heavy, bulky furniture. We are so going to miss our beautiful master at our condo, with a custom-built shower in the ensuite and walk-in closet, but c’est la vie. It’s worth it to give our little man a gorgeous yard and a home to grow up in. The home is also ideal for brothers, sisters, or maybe a puppy. Lots to look forward to, and can’t wait to get started.

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