Kuzina: best Greek food I’ve had in Calgary

GreekResto5I took my little guy out to a fancy restaurant for the first time the other night. My definition of a fancy restaurant is “not Earls.” He had been doing so well, and always immediately falls asleep the second I put him in his stroller, that I thought no problem. We’ll walk to the new Greek restaurant down on 17th Ave, he’ll sleep through the whole thing and we’ll be home before he knows what happened.

Yah, right.

For the first time EVER, he was just bright-eyed and alert our entire walk and by the time we got to the restaurant, it was clear this whole sleep business was not going to happen. It was early still and the restaurant was decidedly uncrowded, so we decided to risk it anyways. We sat at a booth near the back and prayed we didn’t disturb anyone as X refused to settle until we made a nest for him with our coats and he was sucking on somebody’s finger. Sigh. But on the bright side, we made the discovery of how awesome Kuzina is. And since it seems to be a bit of an undiscovered gem as yet, this is me telling you to discover it.

The staff was awesome and so understanding of our little guy, and our desire to occasionally go somewhere to eat that isn’t Earls. And the food was crazy delicious. We started with feta and olives, and calamari. Everything was gorgeously fresh, and the squid wasn’t overly breaded as you find in more fast-foodish type places. For mains, Z got the exohiko, which seemed like a spanikopita as a main dish. It was delicious.

GreekResto4I had the Kleftiko, the roasted lamb shoulder, and dug in so quickly I forgot to even get a shot of it. So good, although I’ll admit I’m a little obsessed with lamb lately.

Our server convinced us to share the galactoboureko, telling us that we can get baklava anywhere but you can rarely get this authentic dish in the city. It was yummy – a little like baklava, but with a custard filling. And the whole thing was filling – they had to roll me out by the end of it. Okay, the shot of ouzo probably didn’t help either.

GreekResto1So this is my recommendation next time you’re searching for a place to eat in Calgary. Another great thing about it is I find it so hard to get into a restaurant on 17th without a reservation. Kuzina is probably a safe bet if you’re going without reservation – for now. Even X was happy by the time we left, although still decidedly awake.

Another satisfied customer.

Another satisfied customer.

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