Olive oil: keeping babies cute since the ancient Greeks

I love finding natural home beauty solutions that really work. This one wasn’t for me, but rather for my son. In his four short months of life, he hasn’t been particularly lucky with his hair. When he was born, it was dark, thin, and immediately all fell out except the hair at the very back of his head, forming a kick-ass skullet. Now, his hair is growing in as a lovely golden blonde. Unfortunately, just last week I noticed cradle cap was forming. I’ve heard a lot of mothers say their babies hair fell out with their cradle cap, and I didn’t want that to happen to X!

I found a tip online saying that rubbing olive oil into the affected area before a bath can help loosen the skin forming there, so I gave it a go. I read put the oil on anywhere between a few minutes before up to several hours before the bath, so I decided to cut the difference and marinated him good about an hour before bath. As he splashed away in his suds, I carefully used his soft little baby brush on the area, and all the scaly skin did exactly what they said they would: lifted up easily and brushed away. You’d never know there was a problem at all, and he got to keep all his hair. So relieved one issue could be dealt with so easily!


Thanks for saving my hair, olive oil!

Word of the day:

Anthropogenic: caused or produced by humans: anthropogenic air pollution.


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