Renovation: The Destruction before the Rebuild

I just went in to see our home a week after taking possession. Things have been happening in there! Most of the main floor has been ripped open, it’s cool to see the inner workings of a home. I’m always surprised how delicate the makings of a house can be. Drywall is really not very sturdy. Also: 50 year old insulation is nasty!Demo1

Here’s the kitchen all taken to pieces. Some of the plumbing looks rough, like it’s been worked for 50 plus years! It’s going to be great to get all these things replaced with newer, modern fixings. It will certainly look better as well. Already, there’s a lot more light coming in!



Here’s the front entry. We’re taking that weird wall right out. The floors and ceilings still need to come up as well, but there’s certainly been some progress done.



Here’s an overall shot of the main level. That wall is on it’s way out, but we’ll have to put in a beam to replace the posts (unfortunately). Can’t wait to see the progress over the next few weeks.

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