After the flood and reno updates week 3

It’s been five days now since my family and I were evacuated in the middle of the night due to unprecedented flooding in Calgary. We’re all okay and our condo is just fine, but we are still without power so still out of our house. We are staying with friends who deserve a gold star for their incredible hospitality.

I have to say that these past few days have made me immensely proud to be a Calgarian. Someone was commenting that it’s insane that the city hasn’t devolved into total anarchy. I mean, Calgary is a big city. Major city. More than a million people live here and it really is the heart of the Canadian economy, and our downtown has been completely shut down. It’s deserted. Many thousands of people are still out of their homes and many have lost so much. You could see it’s ripe for looting.

And yet. Crime has actually gone down in the city over these past days. Fewer break-ins than normal. Our officials are dealing with the crisis with calmness, good grace and occasionally a good sense of humour. Yesterday morning was the first day the city asked for volunteers to help with the cleanup. They had hoped for 500 people to come with an hours notice. 2,500 people showed up. It just makes me feel … this is the way people should be to each other. There have been more than a few tear-jerking moments. That’s all I’ll say on that.

We were a little worried about how our renovation was going to be affected by the flood, but our new house was totally unaffected and our awesome contractors and trades-people are going full steam ahead. It was super gratifying to get the call Monday morning that the patio doors were being put in and we had to get there pronto. I’ve taken a few shots of the new updates to the project.

FrenchDorsHere are the new patio doors! They went in before we had a chance to blink. I think they look fantastic and really add to the main level.


You can see how much the new doors open up the floor. I took these photos when it was kind of grey and rainy out, and the place is still flooded with light.


Here they are from the outside. They kind of put that nasty beige siding to shame, but once we have our lovely new deck up there, you won’t even notice.

This week is a really busy one – the beam will be put in, framing, plumbing rough ins and also the electrician is coming to place the pot lights. We’re actually hoping to get the drywall in before the long weekend (I doubt that will happen, but I’m really impressed at the pace things are going at). I’ll keep up to date on all the great new changes to our place!

Word of the day:

Mellifluous: sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding: a mellifluous voice; mellifluous tones


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