Renovation Week Eight: And we have a house. Sort of.

Week 8-8

Well, things are certainly happening at our new place. There is a seemingly never-ending stream of trades-people trudging in and out of the place and things are starting to come together. As you can see, we have a kitchen. A little bit. We have the beginning of a kitchen. You can also see it looks more like a construction site then ever. Unfortunately, this was the week we moved in. That is a piano hiding in plain site in the middle of the room.
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Meal challenge fail?

Tortilla2I’m not entirely sure that this whole meal challenge business was the best thing ever. I mean, first of all, health has completely gone out the window. If the question is do you want hashbrowns with that, the answer is always yes. Calorie counting is not allowed in the middle of a move, but I’m not helping things by cooking everything in bacon. As my supplies dwindle, so does the quality of the meals I’m making.

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Trials and tribulations of the meal challenge

On Tuesday night, forget about the meal challenge. The real challenge ended up being eating at all. I had to get three fillings put in just before dinner. After six injections, I was frozen from eyeballs to the bottom of my throat. It was awful. All I was able to do was make myself some soup. And by “make” I mean “heat up some packaged Lipton’s Chicken Noodle.” I awkwardly spooned it up, while watching myself in the mirror to make sure it was actually getting in, that’s how bad it was. Z wisely decided he needed to do work at the house and he’d grab something while he was out. Wise man.

TuesIck. As gross as it is, there is something comforting about Lipton’s Chicken Noodle. It reminds me of childhood, I guess.

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Meal challenge

I am trying to get through the week before I move without buying any new groceries. I mean, why buy something you’re just going to have to pack up and move elsewhere. I’m also trying to save a little bit of money by raiding the murky shelves of our pantry, where I swear there are some cans of the most random shit you could possibly imagine. The expiry dates on these cans are even more random.


Hmm, let’s see, what can I make with lentils, water chestnuts, canned lobster, green beans and tahini? An even bigger mystery: why does my husband have two large canisters of unopened baking powder, and why do I have two jars of yeast? You all know I can’t bake!

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Week Seven Renovations: Are we tired of this yet?

For those of you who are just deathly bored of my constant updates on my house renovations: sorry. This shit is all I do nowadays. I dream in spackle. For those of you who aren’t too sick of this, have faith because things are finally starting to get interesting. This week, a lot of really awesome things happened, and the kitchen cabinets are coming in tomorrow. I’m basically giddy with excitement, or paint fumes. Here’s some of the great new stuff!


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Book reviews: Something epic

Sacred Games, by Vikram Chandra

Okay, guys, I read Vikram Chandra’s Sacred Games. It took me one entire month to get through. This book was huge. I know that the size of a book should not be the reason to not read it, but sometimes, you look at a book and you think that’s a huge time commitment. Do I want to invest all of my book-reading time into that book? The answer is usually: No. I had given myself the goal of reading 101 books this year. That’s a lot of books, like two a week. When you find yourself with a tome like this, you know it’s going to put you off schedule. I took one look at this book as I got it out of the library and thought: Not going to happen.

However. The events of the past month aligned to force me to read this. The city flooded, meaning the library refused to take this book back for about a month, and wouldn’t let me take out any of my other books on hold. I was stuck with one giant book. So I opened it up and started it.

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Week Six Renovations: Things are starting to happen

Oh my goodness, things have been busy this past week. I now understand why nobody casually says things like: I think I’ll renovate a house this weekend. It is so much work! Every spare moment I have is at the house, fighting the neverending battle against the dark blue awfulness that is the basement of our home. I’m actually starting to see some improvement! But the best thing is all of a sudden the top two (professional) levels of the renovation are going ahead at blinding speed! We walked in on Saturday and were surprised (and delighted) to find that we had walls and ceilings!

Week 6-2

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