Renovations Week 4



Well, after Week 4 of the renovations, things have really started to move forward. Only to come to a crashing halt, unfortunately. Most of the rough-in work is finished, including all the framing, plumbing and electrical. We’re ready to drywall … except that first things need to be inspected by a city inspector. Normally, this takes approximately an afternoon. But in the midst of a city recovering and rebuilding from a devastating flood, we have no idea how long this is going to take, or how long it’s going to set us back. We can only hope that City Hall gets up and running, and maybe brings in extra manpower to help with the overflow of construction going on. That not withstanding, here’s where we are now.


The major thing is we got the beam put into the ceiling, allowing us to take out the wall in the kitchen. The entire main level is open now.

Week43Look at all that space we have now! Even with this delay, I have been really impressed by how smoothly things have been going (so far). Talk to me in a few weeks and I might have something different to say, though.

Week44Here’s the front entry. The silly wall put in next to the door is gone now, and the front closet has been framed in. The original house had no front closet, which seems really useless to me. This is better, I think. So visitors don’t get all stopped up in that tiny space in front of the door, we are going to extend the tiling around the closet so there’s more room to take off shoes and that.

Now, on to Week 5. I can only hope that something, anything, happens. As it is, we’re looking to be homeless in approximately a month!

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