Renovations Week 5

There wasn’t really anything new with our renovations this week, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. While the top two levels of our split level are being professionally done, Z and I are weekend-warrioring it on the lower levels. This weekend we spent most of our waking hours prepping the guest bedroom, den and bathroom to paint, as well as making new casings for the doors and the baseboards.


This is the guest bedroom as I was just getting started. all the cutting around corners and fixtures by far takes the longest amount of time. But this gives you a great idea of the delightful shade of depressing grey most of the two lower levels are painted in. You know, because a basement really needs to be darker than it already is.



First coat is on! Already looks a lot brighter. The ceiling, which was inexplicably painted in the blue as well everywell, will eventually be white. And a new, non-fluorescent light will hopefully make this guest room feel a little more comfortable.


My little helper, tuckered out from all the work this weekend! This is what I actually spent most of my time dealing with, as opposed to painting. I wanted to keep X away from anywhere where there was lots of dust and paint, so basically anywhere I was. Only, you try to tell a five-month old to stay quietly by themselves in a strange room for five hours, and you will find the typical response is “no thank you.” Or, lots of angry screaming. This is just what renovating with a baby entails, I guess. The home will get done, eventually!

Word of the day:

Callow: immature or inexperienced: a callow youth




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