Week Six Renovations: Things are starting to happen

Oh my goodness, things have been busy this past week. I now understand why nobody casually says things like: I think I’ll renovate a house this weekend. It is so much work! Every spare moment I have is at the house, fighting the neverending battle against the dark blue awfulness that is the basement of our home. I’m actually starting to see some improvement! But the best thing is all of a sudden the top two (professional) levels of the renovation are going ahead at blinding speed! We walked in on Saturday and were surprised (and delighted) to find that we had walls and ceilings!

Week 6-2

I mean, it’s still a big mess, but if you squint your eyes you can kind of sort of see the place coming together. Like, someday, somebody could live in here.

Week 6-1

Here’s our new ceiling, showing off all the potlights we went with. I can’t wait to see the whole thing pulled together.

Week 6-3

Here’s the formerly dark and gloomy guest bedroom. With a white ceiling and warm-toned walls, it certainly is a lot brighter. Once I’m done with it, it will actually be cheerful, I think. People will actually want to stay here. I’m not quite sure what to do with the blinds, to be honest. I hate Venetian blinds, and these ones immediately broke in my hand the first time I tried to use them. Eventually some nice curtains, maybe?

Week 6-4This is the main bathroom, which was painted a less offensive colour of blue-white, but I needed it to be the same colour as everything else, so this is what it looks like now. At the moment, it’s full of the fixtures that will go in our kitchen and upstairs bath. In order to finish all the doors and casings, Z removed the door to the (only working) bathroom. When seated on the toilet, you can look directly up the stairs into the main level. This is a problem for someone like me who is working at the home for hours at a time, and there is a group of trades-guys working in the main level. It’s hardly ideal, but my solution is I wait until I think they’re all busy either outside or upstairs, then angle all the boxes around the toilet for a tiny bit of privacy. Then pray like hell that nobody walks by for the next 30 seconds. Sigh. Looking forward to this thing being done.

Word of the day:

Asinine: foolish, unintelligent, or silly; stupid: It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can make such asinine statements


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