Week Seven Renovations: Are we tired of this yet?

For those of you who are just deathly bored of my constant updates on my house renovations: sorry. This shit is all I do nowadays. I dream in spackle. For those of you who aren’t too sick of this, have faith because things are finally starting to get interesting. This week, a lot of really awesome things happened, and the kitchen cabinets are coming in tomorrow. I’m basically giddy with excitement, or paint fumes. Here’s some of the great new stuff!


The drywall is finished and our ceiling has been put in. It’s starting to look nearly habitable in here.


Here’s a close up of the beautiful knockdown ceiling. It has yet to be painted, but still. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. In case you’ve forgotten the horror, here is what the ceiling used to look like:


So, you know, obviously I’m pleased.


The front entrance is also starting to come together, with the front closet looking sharp. Although it’s nice to still see some of that sickly mint colour. We had discussed whether the front entry was going to be a little too small, but agreed that a closet was necessary. It sure as hell beats this monstrosity:

Entrance2The last thing that’s been going on is upstairs, where we kept the original hardwood, but sanded it down and stained it to match the new hardwood that’s going into the main level. It looks fantastic.

Week7-4Just seeing this makes me really anxious to see the finished floors on the main level as well. I love the richness of the colour. With light neutral walls and a cream and white kitchen, I think the look is really coming together.

Word of the day:

Castigate: to criticize or reprimand severely; to punish in order to correct


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