Meal challenge

I am trying to get through the week before I move without buying any new groceries. I mean, why buy something you’re just going to have to pack up and move elsewhere. I’m also trying to save a little bit of money by raiding the murky shelves of our pantry, where I swear there are some cans of the most random shit you could possibly imagine. The expiry dates on these cans are even more random.


Hmm, let’s see, what can I make with lentils, water chestnuts, canned lobster, green beans and tahini? An even bigger mystery: why does my husband have two large canisters of unopened baking powder, and why do I have two jars of yeast? You all know I can’t bake!

So, the challenge this week is to survive on only what I have in the fridge and pantry*. There will be some rather creative meals, but I’m hoping some of them turn out to be edible.

* Full disclosure: I have already run to the corner store to buy milk and bacon** because those are, apparently, the foods I can’t live without.

** True story: I have dappled with vegetarianism before, sometimes for years. But the one thing that always brings me back to my carnivorous ways is bacon. Those delectable crisps of fat and deliciousness … I am helpless.

Monday’s meal: Pasta stuffed with olives and feta

I wanted to finish up a box of stuffed pasta, which has lingered in our pantry for years. So here’s what I had to work with:

Stuffed pasta1

The very bottom of a jar of sundried tomato pesto, pasta shells, olives, garlic and feta. Could be worse, right?

I cooked up the pasta, then chopped the olives, garlic and feta up. I mixed them together with olive oil and a little lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Stuffed Pasta2

This is an easy recipe. I stuffed the shells with the pasta and put on a dollop of pesto before baking them in the oven for ten minutes at 350. Served with steamed mixed vegetables courtesy my freezer, I give this meal 7 stars out of 10. It was pretty good, but probably because it’s hard to go wrong with olives and feta. I actually found the pesto made the pasta a little salty, so I would have passed on salting the stuffing next time. This is something I would likely make again.

Stuffed Pasta3

Word of the day:

Amorphous: of no particular kind or character; indeterminate; having no pattern or structure; unorganized: an amorphous style; anamorphous personality.


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