Renovation Week Eight: And we have a house. Sort of.

Week 8-8

Well, things are certainly happening at our new place. There is a seemingly never-ending stream of trades-people trudging in and out of the place and things are starting to come together. As you can see, we have a kitchen. A little bit. We have the beginning of a kitchen. You can also see it looks more like a construction site then ever. Unfortunately, this was the week we moved in. That is a piano hiding in plain site in the middle of the room.

Even more unfortunately, the power wasn’t really on the move-in day, and there is really only one small room that we could hang out in, so we’re not going to actually move in until next week. It’s not a huge surprise – the house just isn’t quite ready for us. But here’s what’s been going on:

Week 8-10Kitchen cabinets are in, although not entirely finished. The hardware came in the next day – I forgot how much I like this look.

Week 8-9Floors are in, and they look beautiful! They are absolutely covered with dust and drywall and god knows what else – there’s like a thick layer on there. I’m pointing it out because even here, they only look mildly dusty. I picked this floor particularly for it’s ability to hide certain “flaws,” like claw marks, dings and the tragedy of my cleaning abilities.

Week 8-1Upstairs in the bathroom, cabinetry is in, as is the tile flooring.

Week 8-11Meanwhile, downstairs (in the non-professional renovation area), the battle against the god-awful blue continues. I am just itching to paint the trim and cover it all up, but it’s going to have to wait a little bit now that these floors are full to the brim with our stuff.

Week 8-3And I just had to add this because it was cute. Our little stinker hates being taken to the new house when we’re working, and will not accept anything less than to be in our arms. We came up with this mutually-satisfying compromise.

Word of the day:

Kilter: good condition; order: The engine was out of kilter. (But is kilter ever used on it’s own? It’s always preceded by “out of.” Does anyone describe something as kilter?)


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