Renovations Weeks Nine and Ten: Being homeless with a six-month old has a lot of disadvantages

Sorry for being so silent for so long. My little family was out of our old condo, but the new house just wasn’t ready yet (well, not habitable for a baby, anyway). So, I’ve been a little homeless, bouncing around between friends and family for the past two and a half weeks. And it’s hard. Between this and being evacuated during the flood in June, I feel like we’ve had no real home base for the last six weeks. I feel like a terrible mother right now, since X hasn’t had a lot of consistency and that’s not easy for a baby. He views every new place we stay now with suspicion. I don’t mean to complain, though, we have been incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful, generous people in our lives who have put us up graciously without a second thought. To all of you (and you are many), thank you!

But that all changes now. The house is thisclose to being finished, and we have finally moved in. It’s still a little dirty (the dust! Where does it come from? I scrubbed the floors on hands and knees last night, and this morning it is covered with a fine layer of dust. So. Frustrating), but livable. And beautiful. We are very very very happy with the caliber of work that has been done to turn this place from a monstrosity to a stunning place to live. I don’t want to put up any before and afters until things are totally done (and I’ve managed to rid this place of dust), but here are a few teasers:

Week 10-1The kitchen is almost done and it is so gorgeous! I was worried, when looking at the plans, that making and open-concept main level with the kitchen island at the centre would cause the space to look smaller, but it doesn’t. It looks so much better, and the light that streams in here makes the room unrecognizable from what it was.

Week 10-3Here’s our dining “room,” with the floors freshly scrubbed. I can’t wait until the deck is finished on the other side of the French doors to make this more of an indoor-outdoor space.

Week 10-4We’ve only got a few pieces of furniture up on the main level now, but you can see that little X has already started to take over the place.

Week 10-2Here’s Z and I enjoying some well-earned wine at the end of a long day, with no idea where any of our glasses are. You can also see the carpet leading up to the bedrooms is done and looks sharp.

Now, just the finishing touches. And, of course, actually moving in, which I am procrastinating from doing right now. I guess I’ll get to it!

Word of the day:

Soporific: causing or tending to cause sleep; pertaining to or characterized by sleep or sleepiness; sleepy; drowsy






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