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Almond Joys

In an effort to apparently completely destroy my attempts to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight by the dreaded nine-month weigh-in, I’ve become completely obsessed with making candy. I blame Halloween (?). I pretty much never eat candy*, but somehow if you make a chocolate bar with your own hands, it’s much healthier**.

Coconut Chocolate3

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Book reviews: An eclectic mix and some real tear-jerkers

Each of these books was recommended to me by friends or family. I adore books that already come recommended, as it always helps to weed out the bad ones. Each of these is very different from the next one, but they are all good in their own way.

I’ve heard from many people they were surprised I hadn’t read The Book of Negroes earlier. After finally finishing this one, I’m surprised I haven’t read it earlier either. Lawrence Hill’s masterpiece is absolutely brilliant. Following Aminata Diallo through her turbulent life, from African village to slave ship to plantation to settlements in Nova Scotia, Sierra Leone and finally on to London. It’s one of those epic tales that shows the true power of human spirit. Although my god was her life ever hard. I cried several times while reading this, and pretty much ended up sobbing at the end.

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Book Reviews: Romance edition

I just spent the week on a gloriously relaxed vacation. It was fantastic. I did nothing but eat and drink. And read. And what better thing to read on vacation then some smutty, trashy romance novels?

I decided instead of finding some new romance novels at the library (I can’t control for quality that way!) I would dig up some of my very favourite romances from when I was young. To my horror, not a single one of the books I wanted to read were available at the library, that’s how old they are. That’s how old I am. I was forced to buy the ebooks from Amazon. Although, only bringing my Kindle with me on vacation was bliss and something I would definitely consider doing again. In no particular order, here are my favourite romance novels from a time when the thought of holding hands with a boy would make me blush:



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The Secret to Eternal Youth

Got you with that title, right? No, there is no secret to eternal youth, there’s no such thing. But in my opinion, the secret to theĀ illusion of eternal youth is proper skin care. It sounds simple, but it can be intensive, expensive, and ideally needs to be started when you’re too young to think about proper skin care.

I actually started reading the 7 Years Younger book in order to get some tips on the next level of beauty products. I’ve been using the same skin care regime since my early twenties, but now that I’m thirty-cough I decided that it’s time things need to be revamped. My needs have changed. Nothing is sagging or even wrinkling, exactly, but there’s a dewy, youthful glow that I’ve noticed seems to have left me after my first pregnancy. I miss being dewy and youthful. I decided to try to get that back.

The absolute baseline to skin care has to start as young as possible. I plan on shamelessly manipulating my teenage children by playing on their vanity to get them to follow the right skin care regime as early as possible: no smoking, no tanning and drinking eight glasses of water a day. That goes really far in maintaining everything. I should also add drinking alcohol in moderation, but since I’m rarely a hypocrite, I won’t go on about that. Even kids in their teens or earlier should also be using a SPF-30 moisturizer.

My major thinking behind skin care is that by the time you can afford the right skin care, it’s already too late. So your skin care is always going to be more expensive than you want it to be, but consider it an investment in your life. I mean, it’s your skin. Your face. Literally, the face you present to the world. You might as well take good care of it.

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Makeover time

I love me a makeover, whether it’s for myself, my house, or even my blog. Let me know what you think about the new look of Lifestyle Junkie!

If you’re looking for book suggestions, I’ve compiled all the books I’ve written about on a new page, Book Junkie Reads. Enjoy.

Just call me the goddess of the kitchen: Tiramisu cupcakes


Over this past weekend, I decided to take on the most challenging recipe I ever had for a dinner party. It all started when I decided to make tiramisu for dessert. Only I could not find ladyfingers anywhere. (Are these not the types of things that should be available just about anywhere? C’mon.) So I started to look into other options. Most recipes for ladyfingers ask for a pastry bag, which I don’t have and probably would never use again. While I was looking for “ladyfinger-less tiramisu,” which, by the way, doesn’t exist, I came on the recipe for tiramisu cupcakes. Intrigued, I looked further into it. So cute. So pretty. So perfectly proportioned. I decided I had to do it.

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