Seven years younger diet/mealplan


I will admit it, I am a total sucker for “beauty and health” marketing. You tell me it’s going to tighten? I’m on board. Give me a look that’s younger and firmer? Done.

So, when I saw the 7 Years Younger book, I was intrigued. I thought I’d check it out. I was more interested in the beauty products the editors of Good Housekeeping were suggesting (more on that later), but a big part of the book is dedicated to diet and exercise, including a 7-day “Jumpstart” (said to help you lose a few pounds and get on your way to your younger, healthier self) and a 7-week healthy meal plan.

I have said before I would never again do a “seven day diet,” and at first I turned up my nose at this jumpstart meal plan. Some of the meals were literally – buy a microwaveable meal, or grab a latte in the morning. I huffed and said I make all my own food. My other beef is that they suggest a lot of brand foods that aren’t available in Canada. But then I thought about it more and came back to it. A busy working mom would probably appreciate the meals that were really convenient, and I could work around the brands I didn’t have. I decided to go for it.

Z and I had a conversation whether the Jumpstart plan is considered a diet. He says yes, because it’s designed to help you lose some weight. I say no way, because after starting it, I saw there was no way you could lose weight on it – I was eating SO MUCH MORE food than normal. Sometimes I would kinda be forcing it, never a good thing. But the meal ideas were really delicious and I am having my eyes opened to lots of new veggie recipes I probably wouldn’t have tried. So I’m really happy with it.


An example of a breakfast (I modified all these to work with the ingredients I have, but the general gist is right): a two-egg white scramble with spinach and feta, with a whole wheat English muffin. After this, I wasn’t hungry until dinner.

Diet4Sample lunch: 15 snap peas, 5 grape tomatoes (yes, it was specific like that), three Triscuits, a hardboiled egg, a slice of cheese, an apple and a tbsp of hummus. I could barely finish all this food, but it’s all pretty healthy, so that’s good.

Diet1This dinner was so good – almond-crusted chicken and rainbow slaw. I am not a fan of cabbage, but with pretty delicious recipes like this I could totally get behind this. I’m not going to follow this “diet” to lose weight (not a pound was lost), but I’m definitely saving the meal plans to get ideas on recipes. And sometimes, you’re just tired and want someone to tell you what to make. Thank you, Good Housekeeping.

Word of the day:

Profligate: utterly and shamelessly immoral or dissipated; thoroughlydissolute.


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