The Secret to Eternal Youth

Got you with that title, right? No, there is no secret to eternal youth, there’s no such thing. But in my opinion, the secret to the illusion of eternal youth is proper skin care. It sounds simple, but it can be intensive, expensive, and ideally needs to be started when you’re too young to think about proper skin care.

I actually started reading the 7 Years Younger book in order to get some tips on the next level of beauty products. I’ve been using the same skin care regime since my early twenties, but now that I’m thirty-cough I decided that it’s time things need to be revamped. My needs have changed. Nothing is sagging or even wrinkling, exactly, but there’s a dewy, youthful glow that I’ve noticed seems to have left me after my first pregnancy. I miss being dewy and youthful. I decided to try to get that back.

The absolute baseline to skin care has to start as young as possible. I plan on shamelessly manipulating my teenage children by playing on their vanity to get them to follow the right skin care regime as early as possible: no smoking, no tanning and drinking eight glasses of water a day. That goes really far in maintaining everything. I should also add drinking alcohol in moderation, but since I’m rarely a hypocrite, I won’t go on about that. Even kids in their teens or earlier should also be using a SPF-30 moisturizer.

My major thinking behind skin care is that by the time you can afford the right skin care, it’s already too late. So your skin care is always going to be more expensive than you want it to be, but consider it an investment in your life. I mean, it’s your skin. Your face. Literally, the face you present to the world. You might as well take good care of it.

So, once you’re beyond your naturally dewy twenties, skin care gets a little more complicated. For anyone who lives in Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle or Boston, I suggest going to Skoah. It’s a Vancouver-based facial company with a great product. They really know what they are talking about and I’ve been really happy with using them to update my skin care regime.

With the 7 Years Younger book, I got some advice on beauty products that I liked, particularly ones that actually work and are reasonably priced (the perfect balance for a woman in her thirties!) One of these is my discovery of Boots No. 7, a fantastic British anti-aging line you can get at Shoppers and is totally affordable. The two products I’ve been using of theirs are the Protect & Perfect intense serum and hand cream. One of the other ones I would like to get of theirs is lip care – three places where your age can really show through your skin, that people can forget to care for, is the neck, the hands and the lips. Skin is tender here, often thin, and shows age more than other places because we don’t do enough for them. I know so many people who spend money on expensive face creams, and fail to slather it over their neck the way they do their cheeks. It’s great that your cheeks look great, but the skin on the neck is just the same as that of your face, and it’s telling when you’re not treating it the same.


My other big find is, to me, pure magic. Maybelline’s New York Instant Age Rewind is concealer times a million. I am really happy with it. I’ve always had seriously dark circles under my eyes, in part genetics, in part allergies and at the moment in part because I get roughly three hours of sleep a night. I’ve never found a concealer that actually concealed this, and would rely on either looking a little grungy and underslept as a style, or on pillows of concealer under my eyes which frankly would age anyone. This stuff, though, is amazing. A really light tough of this and I look refreshed and sparkling. No sign of dark shadows. I notice during the days, when usually my makeup has worn off (or at least down), my eyes still look great. I dab it both under and over the eyes for really fantastic results.


I’m also considering buying a retinol cream, which kind of scares me. It’s the next level of skin care, and I’m not sure I’m ready to admit to myself that I need it. If anyone wants to give me some recommendations for good ones, though, I’d be happy to hear about it. After that, we’re talking some more serious skin interventions (eep!) I’m not ready for the next step of injectables, or peels, but sometime soon, who knows?

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