The Renovation: Befores and Afters

Since I have already have the housewarming at the newly renovated house, I figure I’m probably ready to show my before and after shots. Not everything is done, of course. We’ve only just started putting up art on the walls, I have a lot of trim to paint and the basement is still a war zone, but for the most part, I would say that things have come together nicely.

So, as a reminder, this 1954 split level had last seen an overhaul in what had to be the 70s. There were some questionable design choices made. The colour palette was not what we would consider current. And it was very dark. Our main goal was to create a main level that was up to date without being trendy, and letting in a lot of light. Here’s what we did.

Kitchen before:


Kitchen after:


As with a lot of kitchens from that era, there was a wall where a kitchenette can be placed, or a microwave as it would seem.

Inside kitchen wall before:Kitchen3

Inside kitchen wall after:


And let’s not forget the fantastic smoked mirror wall in the living room. This photo also shows off the lovely dark green plaster ceiling details, to complement the sickly mint green walls.

Living room before:


Living room after:


The entire kitchen was torn out, replaced with a gorgeous antique white cabinets, white leathered granite countertops and all new appliances.

Kitchen before:


Kitchen after:


Walled in, the dining room appeared extra dark, even with a south-facing window. The light fixture was also very dated; you can see here we’ve put in potlights throughout the main level. We also added the french doors leading out to our deck, which is still in the works.

Dining room before:


Dining room after:


These photos are from different angles, but the front entrance used to be cramped, with a frosted glass wall separating the space from the main room. There was no closet, something we felt really is necessary for a front entry. We reworked the space a bit so that it opened into the home, making it a welcoming space.

Front entry before:


Front entry after:


When we first moved in, the spare room on the third level was my least favourite space. I referred to it as the sweatshop of evil. We converted it into a guest bedroom. I’m still working to find some art and throw cushions that work in there, but we’ve had people stay without having nightmares now.

Guest bedroom before:


Guest bedroom after:


That’s where we stand now. As you can imagine, it feels so much better to be in a home that’s renovated to our liking, and we are so happy with the results!

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