Book review: Buffy edition

Today I’m going to indulge my inner geek. I went looking for different books based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of my favourite TV shows. I found a few different types of books, so here’s two that I read.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home (Season 8, #1), by Joss Whedon and Georges Jeanty

Book description: The first of a series of graphic novels, the creator of the cult hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon, writes the official sequel to the show. This opening story introduces a mysterious threat known as “Twilight” and plunges Buffy and the gang into their biggest adventure – without the limitations of a small-screen budget.

My review: Yes. Finally, I read a graphic novel purely out of pleasure, and it was great. I am a huge Buffy fan, I still think it is/was the most brilliantly written show on TV and Joss Whedon is obviously a genius (I’m so happy he’s finally getting popular support in his endeavours!) The graphic novels are awesome because there are no limitations for where he wants to go. It just makes me so happy that the characters can continue to be developed. I will be definitely be finding the rest of these graphic novels. I only wish my library carried the Omnibus – it would make my life so much easier.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer, by John Vornholt, Arthur Byron Cover and Alice Henderson

Book description: Based on the hit TV series created by Joss Whedon, this is a collection of short stories based on the TV when the characters were in high school, early on in the series.

In Coyote Moon, a typical night at the carnival becomes deadly as shapeshifters turn the amusement park into their own house of horrors.

Buffy start having past-life nightmares in Night of the Living Rerun, and must face her historic counterpart before the events of the past repeat in the present.

In Portal Through Time, Slayers over the centuries are in danger, and Buffy must protect them in order to save her own life and legacy.

My review: No. This is basically a collection of fan fiction, and not the best at that. I think especially when you’re dealing with an original concept that is so well written, imitations are often pale at best. These books seemed simplistic, the plots farfetched and somewhat annoying, while the characters are less than likeable. Pretty much the only good thing I have to say about these is that it made me go back and watch some of the older episodes of the series, which really are best ones out there. This book, not so much worth the time.

Word of the day:

Claque: a group of persons hired to applaud an act or performer; a group of sycophants


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