Renovations Final: Exterior

I think this is pretty much it for the renovations. For now. For the next few years, anyway, as we are completely tapped out. And there’s not that much more to be done. We decided to speed everything along and finish up the exterior before winter came. As you can see, we did this in the nick of time. The “after” photo of the front of the house was taken a day after the painters left. Thank goodness they were able to get everything done before the blizzard hit!

As a reminder, this is what the house looked like when we purchased it. I refer to the exterior colour as “Crayola Crayon Flesh Colour.” A friend of mine told me it reminded her of baby puke. Any way you look at it, it wasn’t particularly attractive.


We decided to go bold. I’m not going to lie, I chose this colour with trepidation, as it makes a statement. But I wanted a dark colour to shrink all the empty wall space, and I think this really updates the look of the house. We also painted the awful bare wood planter set along the front.

The result (and keep in mind this photo was in fact taken during a blizzard):


The colours we went with were a main dark blue (“Deep Secret” by Benjamin Moore, to be exact), with a lighter cream colour as trim (“Cake Batter”).  I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Even in a storm, it looks sharp.

Now here’s the view of the back. Some lovely details to take in: the electrical wires coming overhead into the house, awkward placement of gutters, and way too much icky beige.


Here’s the final result. Without all the snow on the roof, you can also see the new darker shingles we put on work well with the colour. Also, our new deck!


Here’s some more detail of what used to be there before our gorgeous deck. This … thing is just baffling. It does not exactly invite you to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather.


This, however, does exactly that. The french doors we put in work perfectly out to this space. Our trim colour ended up almost exactly matching the railings we chose for the deck, so I am really happy at our decision. I’d like to pretend that was planned, but it wasn’t. Pure chance that just worked out.


The detail on the deck is great. We went with composite as the decking, which means it is pretty much maintenance-free. I’m also happy that we have a privacy rail put up between us and the neighbours, which still allows light to flow through. Now, I’m excited for next summer (or really the next Chinook) to break out the barbecue and start some outdoor living.


Word of the day:

Obdurate: unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn; unyielding; stubbornly resistant to moral influence


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