Babies, knittings and life


Finally I’ve gotten around to some more knitting! It’s been … a really long time. Life has just gone completely fubar over the past month or so, and taking the time to knit some choice baby wear just hasn’t been a priority.

But you know what? Life goes on and babies keep on happening. In this case, my absolutely adorable little nephew. (First nephew! I’m an aunt now!) I loved the dark colour of the knit with the bright contrasting white, and I love how it kind of has a rough and tumble feel, for a rough and tumble boy.

Well, I don’t know, he might not be that rough and tumble, right now he spends most of his time sleeping with the occasional blink. He might grow up to adore LEGO above all things, and I wouldn’t fault him for it. But he can wear this cute little sweater while he does it!

As for everything else that’s going on in our life, I have also not been taking that much time to blog, as you may have noticed. There have been so many showings of our house (sob!) that I haven’t been able to cook in awhile. But I’m hoping things will calm down over the next few weeks and it can be back to blogging as usual. It’s a temporary, artificial calm, of course, because we’re sitting around waiting for our Swiss Visas to come in. Once they do, life goes fubar all over again. Can’t wait for it!


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