Quick Easy (Delicious) Meals

So easy, you don’t even need a recipe! I’m continuing on the second series of “Use Up Everything In My Fridge” in one year, except this time, absolutely nothing can come with me. I actually took inventory of what I have in my fridge, freezer, pantry and storage area, making complicated lists on how to best use up everything I have in the limited amount of time I have to eat everything. Really, I should have used a spreadsheet, I’m sure there’s some kind of algorithm that would have helped me.

So, here are two more easy-peasy meals that I’ve been loving. The first is Thai Red Curry Chicken. Ingredients that needed to be used: A bottle of red curry sauce, leftover plain pasta and carrots. I threw in some chicken and red peppers as well to round it out. So simple: Saute chicken with olive oil until nearly cooked through, then add the chopped red pepper and carrots to soften. Pour a (nearly full) bottle of red curry sauce over it and reduce heat, letting it simmer as the chicken fully cooks. At the last minute, add in the leftover pasta and stir until warm.

Tada! Instant delicious meal. This one got a lot of raves, and even X ate entirely more than I thought he would. A definite win.


The next was just a quick lunch I threw together in five minutes flat, while getting ready to flee the house for yet another showing. Bonus points for being so quick and filling. Avocado Toast. Ingredients to be used: bread and goat cheese. The avocado is kind of a cheat, since I just bought it, but I’ve been getting some monster cravings for avocados lately so these things are going to happen. Toast a piece of bread. While waiting, smush up half an avocado. Once toast is ready, smear avocado on toast. Add healthy chunks of goat cheese. Sprinkle with red pepper flakes and salt. Instant amazingness. This idea came from my new blog crush Love and Olive Oil, I feel the need to send them a personal thank you note for that one. Although I didn’t use black lava salt. That’s just me, I guess.



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