Misadventures in the kitchen

Blueberry Buckle

Blueberry Buckle

So many things have happened over this past week, and just as many are expected to pass over the next that I haven’t had tons of time to post any updates. I certainly hope that once we’re settled in Geneva, I’ll have loads of time to lounge around writing, probably while eating cheese and sipping at some local wine. Sigh. That sounds nice.

But until then, busy busy busy. I was fortunate enough to sneak in a day to hang out with my awesome sis. Our choice activities of the day were: baking, drinking and planning her wedding, although not entirely in that order.

She brought with her a cookbook she’d recently acquired, and the name is escaping me, but it’s something like “Back in the Day” cooking. I might have totally made that up, but it’s like old-fashioned cooking. Getting back to the good ol’ days when we cooked with real ingredients, like butter and sugar. We thought we’d try out some recipes to share with some friends that would be visiting us throughout the day.

And then, disaster ensued. Well, maybe not quite disaster, but at the very least some memorable recipes that just didn’t quite work out. The results were kind of delicious, but not entirely what we expected.

You’ll have to forgive me, because I don’t have the recipes for these, but you didn’t really want these recipes anyway since I just told you they didn’t work out. Our first attempt was a Blueberry Buckle, something to serve at an early lunch for some family stopping by. It seemed perfect. We just got started a little later than we thought we would, but no problem because it would come out of the oven and we’d eat it hot. Right?


We thought we’d put in a shot of what the original recipe is supposed to look like, so we could do a “nailed it” moment. It didn’t quite work out. We did make a few changes to the recipe, like we used frozen blueberries instead of fresh (hey, it is still totally winter here). And we used an 8-inch springform pan instead of a 9-inch round pan. We believe these things would end up mattering later.


One fun thing about using the frozen blueberries is the cake bottom became such a gorgeous colour of purple. Yum, it reminds me of spring.


Next we added a delicious crumble topping, of brown sugar, flour and butter. Boy, we were excited to eat this. We popped it in the oven for the shortest amount of time given and waited.

And then waited. And waited. And waited. Every time we thought it would be done, we took it out of the oven and the whole cake was completely gelatinous. Like, we could make waves in it. The recipe originally said to bake for 40-50 minutes. We kept it in for two hours, I think, and it still could have used more time. We’re assuming it’s a combination of the frozen blueberries and using the wrong pan, but c’mon. More than an hour extra baking time? That’s crazy. Our company, my stepsister, was trying to politely let us know that she actually had to leave soon, so we ate it underdone. Oh well. It was still delicious.


Here’s the buckle, “finished.” At least it held together when we took the pan off. The cake gets its interesting name from the buckling the crumble on top does over top of the blueberries, giving it a cratered look. We all agreed that “Blueberry Buckle” was a much more quaint name that “Blueberry Crater.”

Our other misadventure were chocolately cookies, made with a pound of chocolate. Actually, I can’t take any credit for these, they were all my sister. The “cookies” turned out to be “chocolate goop,” which cooked up into cake-like circles that crumbled apart when you so much as looked at them. Not that they were dry, though. They were absolutely delicious, just … a little fragile. I would recommend them over ice cream.

Chocolate goop cookies

Chocolate goop cookies


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