Traveling with Baby Part Deux

We are about eighteen steps closer to our transcontinental move, and I would be lying if I told you that things have been easy. In fact, it’s as if fate lined itself up to throw all kinds of stuff at us, for a laugh. I am beginning to refer to this transition period as our comedy of errors, because there’s nothing else to do but laugh.

And I’m not complaining. Not really. At the end of the day, we’re not moving somewhere total crap, like to Tuktoyaktuk (no offence to anyone from there). But if I’m moving to Tuktoyaktuk, I expect heaven and earth to move before me to make things easier. Instead, I’m moving to Geneva. It’s often on “most pretty city” lists and has been averaging 20 degrees warmer than where I am now, so I’m willing to go through some stresses to get there.

Like our basement starting to spurt water and having potential buyers find it like that. And then having our water shut off so we weren’t actually able to get into our home until two days before leaving it. But some of the best ridiculous things that have happened (or that we did to ourselves) came about on our latest travel adventure, to Vancouver.

We needed to be in Vancouver to pick up our Swiss Visas. We had to drop off our passports one day, and pick them up the next, meaning a required two day stay. This becomes important later. Things started to go awry at the airport with an innocent but painful peek-a-boo injury, the type of thing you’ve never really had to deal with until you have children. At the hotel I tried to ensure there were no more knife incidents, so the moment we arrived at our hotel I emptied all drawers of knives and sharp openers. Then I went back in a minute to take out the forks. You can never be too careful with X. He still managed to have a good time – here he is eating breakfast. Breakfast definitely requires the use of a ladle and a spatula.


I got to visit a consulat for the first time, which was really exciting until I got there and realized there really isn’t that much going on there. What made the morning exciting was our portfolio, filled with our important documents, which we left behind … somewhere. That was definitely our first heart-stopping moment on the trip. Like – of course that happened. Luckily, our documents were left behind at the consulat, which might not be exciting, but at least is pretty secure.

Our second groan-worthy moment was when I went to check in to our flight back to Calgary the night before we had to leave – and couldn’t. It took a moment to realize we had been booked to leave that afternoon and had completely missed our flight. The company hadn’t gotten the memo that we needed to stay an extra day in order to pick up our Visas, the whole reason we were there. As we scrambled to rebook, there was a two and a half hour wait with Air Canada because of weather issues in other parts of the country. Luckily, we were able to get Z’s company to rebook us the next day, but it kind of sucked going to bed not entirely sure how we were getting “home.”

Despite all that, we still had an amazing time in Vancouver. What a beautiful city, and we lucked into some spectacular weather. I will credit us that even when things are super stressful, we try to take time to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. We spent most of the day walking along the sea wall around Stanley Park, occasionally letting X run around. Although whenever we put him in a playground full of kids, he just stands in the middle of everything, gaping at what’s going on around him. Then he had an hour nap on Z’s back, so everyone was happy.


Now that we are back in Calgary for one final goodbye, homeless and relying on the considerable kindness of family and friends, it looks like things aren’t getting any easier. What’s that you say? A strike in Germany at the Frankfurt airline, on the day we’re scheduled to fly through? Our flight has been canceled? Awesome. For reals guys – I can’t wait until we are in Geneva, have a home again and can start settling in.


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