The Swiss Chalet


Sorry for the delay in posting: things have been very busy over here in Switzerland. My fingers are crossed that life is going to start settling down a little bit and I can focus more on cooking and writing, but I’ve been saying that for a long time so I’m not holding my breath.

We spent the past week moving into our new place. This will be our third move, and third residence, in less than a year. Let’s hope that the moving finally slows down a little. Again, I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have movers! And also, I can’t believe how much shit we have. When we saw that giant truck, packed to the brim with stuff, Z and I looked at each other like: how is this all ours? And it wasn’t even all of it! There was another truck. Every time we move, I always wish I was a minimalist. You know, those people who only have 100 possessions, like with one fork and one knife per person? But that quickly goes away. I’m already in the house-honeymoon phase where I’m wandering around thinking: Ooh, a hutch would work well there. And a half moon table over here. And maybe we should get some new dishes … So I won’t be surprised if next time I move we have even more shit.

Things are still in a disastrous shape, so I will show you the “before” photos, just as we were moving in. It will give you an idea of what we have to work with. Our little house is great, larger than the last, or at the very least seems like there’s lots more room. There’s good and bad about every place, but as you’ll see there are a lot of really great things we have going on here.

So, without further ado, welcome to our Swiss chalet:


I like a strong front door. It’s hard to tell the scale here, but this door is absolutely enormous! I’m pretty sure it’s seven feet tall, extra wide and made out of heavy wood. This is a door with a sense of purpose. I love it. It’s hard to see, but the plant growing under the window to the side is lavender – lots of it! I can’t believe I live in a place where lavender just grows everywhere.


This is our main living area, with not one, not two, but three french doors leading out to the gardens. There is an abundance of french doors. We’re actually going to have to block one off in order to fit our couch. The fireplace is wood-burning, although I’m going to have to get a screen for it before fall comes – right now it’s just an open pit I could see X walking right into.


The kitchen I’ll admit is not as nice as our lovely custom one in Calgary. But on the bright side: it has a working fridge. I’ll see what I can do to cheer it up a little bit – it seems grim right now. It’s also completely blocked off from the rest of the living area, which is very typical here. It will make kitchen parties rather crowded, or the cook feeling a little left out from the party elsewhere, but I think it will be nice to have a little private corner in the house.


And now to the best part: the yard. It is massive. I get tired running around it. More importantly: X gets tired running around it. We are planning on playing a lot of bocce along there, and badminton, possibly volleyball, definitely a slip and slide when the kids are older.


And it keeps going! The play structure was one of the selling points for us: X loves it and immediately knew it was his. It’s going to be fun to watch him grow up here. That is also a rose garden along the patio, so I’m going to have to start learning how to take care of roses. I hope it’s easy *fingers crossed*

So that’s where we are at the moment. The location of our little place in Switzerland can’t be beat. While we are extremely close to local transit that takes us directly to the heart of Geneva, we’re also right on the edge of the countryside. There’s an enormous farm just at the end of our street – it takes me three minutes to walk to the local farmer’s market. Like, a real farmer’s market. They just sell all the produce they’re growing right there. It’s pretty amazing.

Another thing I’m loving about the area is all the flowers that grow wild here – especially the poppies. They are such a perfect colour and they grow in abundance anywhere they can take root. You can tell which fields are being left fallow this year because they are bright red! And in the morning light, the petals are almost translucent, so you see the fields glow with this luminensce orange-red in the sunrise – sigh. It really is spectacularly beautiful here. We’ve been a little stressed over the past little bit, but I’m hoping that little by little, as we get our life set up once again, we can start to laugh and play together and just enjoy the amazing place where we find ourselves.


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