In the garden


I finally got to break in my sweet new gardening hat … and gloves and dirt when I did some planting this week. This is actually my very first “garden” – other than helping my mom doing some weeding back in the day, I’m pretty much a newbie when it comes to green things. As I started this little project, I really came to the realization that I am a doer, not a planner. You know those people who always get into extensive planning before they start up anything, sometimes to the point that they never actually get started? Yup, I’m the opposite of that. My thought pattern was: I want some plants. Soooo … I guess I should go buy plants.

Fast forward to me at the greenhouse, like an hour later: How many pots do I have again? I probably should have counted. *Shrug* It probably doesn’t really matter. Ooh, that’s pretty. What else do I need? Dirt? No, not dirt. Rocks? Why are they selling rocks here? Fertilizer, yes, I know that’s something need. This looks good … (throws in some fertilizer that I have no idea how to use because I can’t read the instructions). la la la, I guess we’re ready to go home. Pretty garden in no time!

It’s remarkable that I’ve actually survived as long as I have. We’ll see how my poor new plants will fare. I planted some red geraniums for my garden bench, because I love red geraniums. They always make me think of hot places. My main goal was to have a little bit of an edible garden – finally have all the herbs I need for the kitchen. And constantly buying herbs, half of which go bad before you can use them all, really adds up, so I consider this an investment.


That’s lemon verbana in the top left corner, and in clockwise order: parsley, mint, rosemary, cilantro, and basil. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough pots for all these guys, so the mint and cilantro are in pots way too small for them and the rosemary has yet to be planted. That situation will be rectified this weekend. Meanwhile, that basil is looking a little sad so I’m hoping it will miraculously perk up.

And finally, a tomato plant. We had a sad little tomato plant in our old apartment, and we would get excited if it ever produced any fruit (usually one cherry tomato per month, which I would promptly eat). Hopefully this guy does better. And if you look really close, you’ll see a rare blond garden gnome hiding behind the sign.



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