Travel France: Annecy


This past weekend we visited a medieval city, located basically in our backyard. Backyard is really anything within an hour drive, so Annecy definitely counts. I hadn’t realized what a draw this city was, up until now it was just another city on a map. Then someone told Z that it was absolutely beautiful so we decided to check it out.


Once again we avoided the major toll autoroutes, and instead took the winding back routes through the mountains. You miss so much when you’re just whizzing by on a highway, you know. For example, this bridge. I don’t really understand this bridge, it’s a gorgeous pedestrian bridge next to the car bridge, set over a jaw-droppingly steep gorge. Like, you can barely see the river underneath us. What’s up with these towers? We didn’t see any information placards, so your guess is as good as mine. That’s another interesting difference between Europe and Canada – this kind of thing in Canada would be well marked, have lots of information about it, would probably be a tourist destination unto itself. Because, we don’t have that much stuff in Canada. Here, it’s just this cool bridge, no big deal. A great pit stop to let X out to run around like a crazy person, because that’s what he does.


Annecy is situated next to Lake Annecy, so water clearly is a big part of the city environment. There are also some beautiful canals that pass through the ancient city. When we first arrived, we had to choose whether to explore the lake or the city first. We decided on the lake, which might have turned out to be a mistake, but we are newbies at this whole travel thing, so what did we know?


The lake itself is stunning; the water so clear I bet you can see all the way to the bottom for miles. Turns out the Rocky Mountains do not have a monopoly on picturesque turquoise glacier lakes in the mountains: who knew? I scoffed at the “jet d’eau” found here in Annecy, though. The only REAL Jet D’eau is in Geneva, obviously. This is the view from the sweetly named Pont des Amours, Bridge of Loves.


After skirting most of the beach in Annecy, we came back to the ancient city for lunch. I’m not going to talk about our lunch because it wasn’t that great. It was fine, we actually had a kick-ass apple tart, but the service was terrible. You know what? If there is a screaming toddler at a table, who just knocked over an entire glass of milk on that lady who looks like she’s going to murder you if you don’t bring over the cheque fucking soon, just bring them the goddamn cheque. I don’t care if it’s France and you’re supposed to linger over you’re food. I’m sopping and sticky and just want to get out of there. And end rant.


It was only after lunch that we wandered along the canals. It is so so beautiful, but it was so so crowded, it stopped being fun. Apparently tourists come to Europe in the summer? Who knew? We’re rethinking traveling around much more until the high season is over. Because we can – it’s a total bonus of living here. Why endure hectic crowds and jacked up prices when you can wait and tour around in peace. There was a museum in the castle here I really wanted to go into, but it just wasn’t going to happen. We had spent six hours on the road by then, and both X and I were ready for a nap. Life is still pretty good when you are able to visit a tourist destination in France, and still be home in time for dinner.



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