Fetes de Geneve

We had another weekend spent staying in Geneva, and it was another typically Genevois weekend that I can’t get enough of. Wherein, everywhere we went, there was something fantastic going on and we couldn’t help but stumble over all things awesome.


Before you get too jealous, this was the culminatory weekend in a three-week festival, Fetes de Geneve, which celebrates Geneva’s 200 years since joining the Swiss Confederation. No big deal, just a bicentennial. I finally made it down to the waterfront, where the big celebrations were going on.


What is essentially a midway is stretched all down one side of the lake and up the other. It includes rides and food stands and bars, all incorporated into a long pathway edging the spectacular lake. Ferries come in and out of the mix. It is wonderful. For two reasons, which I feel the need to state again. One is it doesn’t cost anything to wander through, unlike what you find in North America. So bringing a toddler there isn’t a risk – I can leave whenever I want without thinking I lost my money’s worth if he has a melt down.


The other reason is the fact that alcohol is just a normal part of the proceedings. No gross beer tents set up segregated from other events, which ensures that all other events will be ignored. This way, you can sip on your beer, or glass of wine, or caipirinha, which is hugely popular potentially because of recent World Cup?, while watching fun events with your toddler. Like this drummer:


Or this speed-folk freak-punk band, which was awesome:



Or my favourite, a parade of giant cowbells:


How very Swiss. We had a great time. We to the festivities twice over the weekend. The second time, we decided to get off the bus sooner and wander through la Vieille Ville. We happened to stumble across a free exhibit of Rodin’s work at the Art and History Museum – including a bronze of the original 70 cm “Le Penseur,” Rodin’s most famed work. Super cool, even if our visit had to be quick since a small toddler wasn’t quite having any of it. It’s been a long time since I’ve stumbled across famous art, so it made me happy


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