Beauty update

Imagine me saying “beauty” super sarcastically, because I have found that during pregnancy, the idea of beauty goes out the window. Or is at least vastly compromised. Some women have that lovely pregnancy glow? Mine is more like a pregnancy ooze. Around now, I start to get compliments when I’ve recently showered. It’s condescending but I’ll take it.

However. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how my more natural beauty regime is going, so I thought I’d give you an update as to how natural I’ve remained. It’s been about four months, so I figure the things that have stuck are probably going to stay.

Firstly, the Oil Cleansing Method. This is where you “wash” your face in oil – see here for more details. Sounds gross? Is amazing. I’m addicted. No way I’m giving this up. My skin feels incredible. I still use half olive oil, half castor oil, and I add a healthy few drops of lavender oil as well. After a few weeks of this regime, the dryness of my skin was a thing of the past, and I don’t use any moisturizer at all. It’s actually kind of weird to just get up and not do anything to your face – just go. It makes it easier for me to skip doing anything in the morning, so maybe that’s actually not a bonus. I also use a few drops of tea tree oil on problem acne areas, and I went a glorious six weeks without a single pimple. This is unprecedented for me, since I was eleven at least. Like, just amazing. Then this whole pregnancy thing happened, and there have been some major crazy breakouts, but I’m not blaming the oil. I suggest anyone to give this a shot – it really works. And it is soooo much more affordable then a lot most all skin products out there.

As for going no poo – instead of shampooing my hair, I would cleanse it with baking soda and use vinegar as a conditioner – it has been more of a rocky road. I’m still not decided on my hair regime. For one, I LOVED how my hair looked with the no poo. It was a mane of hair. Like, found on a lion. It was thick and wavy, and nothing at all like the mousy tresses I’ve lived with my whole life. Just crazy, I spent way too much time staring at myself in mirrors. Way too much time.

But. I did not like how my hair felt with the baking soda. It was almost … mushy? Not a word you want to use to describe your hair. Also, a little wild, and maybe starting to fall out a bit. Also not a way you want to describe your hair. I found some articles online (I know, super legit) that said that baking soda can damage your hair, and I kinda felt that was happening to me.

So I went out to find a shampoo that wouldn’t allow all that disgusting buildup happen again on my scalp, and hopefully get my hair in top shape. A salon I was at recommended Jennifer Aniston’s new line “Living Proof” (like, of course they did, at those prices), so I decided to try it out. It’s supposed to be good for the hair, no sulphates, that sort of thing, so I can get behind it if I like the results. So far, my hair is in better shape, less frizzy, and certainly less hair falling out, although that’s also a pregnancy thing, so it’s hard to know what’s what. But it’s back to its old, thin, flat shape, and I miss my wild mane, so I would say that I’m still seeking my perfect hair solution.

There have been benefits, though. With my fine, oily hair, missing a day of shampooing used to be a thing of craziness. I washed my hair every single day, which is apparently not very good for it, especially when using cheap shampoo. Now, after the bootcamp I put it through, I wash my hair once a week. And the days I do wash it, it’s almost “too clean,” if that’s a thing. I love stretching it out that way, and it really doesn’t get greasy. Sure, the last day, it’s usually scraped back into a bun, but that’s not so bad.

Other natural beauty solutions I’ve picked up along the way: well, this one is super cheap. I have really weak nails. They peel if they gain any kind of length. They don’t break so much as rip. I just hated them. I was using this nail polish that’s supposed to make them stronger, but they were getting weaker and weaker. Finally, I found a practical solution: just stop putting chemical shit on them. I went three months nail-polish free, and I could not believe the results. My nails are hard and shiny and can grow to pretty substantial lengths. I had to actually cut them because they were getting in my way, not because they were looking gross and ragged as usual.

Not that I’m against nail polish. I got a really pretty manicure for the wedding I was recently at, and thought it looked extra good because my nails were so healthy and it was different for me to have colour on them. But I’ll go awhile in between colouring my nails, for sure. I’d suggest this to anyone with weak nails. I never thought mine could be any better than they were. I realize this can also be a pregnancy thing, but it didn’t happen for me my last pregnancy, so I’m still giving credit to not wearing polish. It makes me wonder what other beauty issues come up from us trying to fiddle too much, use too many products, instead of just letting our bodies do their thing.


2 thoughts on “Beauty update

  1. Hey Lauren! Belated congrats first of all 🙂 I also tried the BS ‘poo and had similar results to you. I’ve been using Lush solid shampoo & conditioner (not a 2-in-1) while travelling and am quite pleased. I feel I can get my hair to look better (like with the BS) and it also feels better. And I can stretch out my times between washings like with the BS method too. For my nails, I found some natural polish at Community…not sure you can find it there but it was called Scotch Naturals. If you follow the directions with the top and bottom coat it works really well and is all natural…but expensive. Just something to think about 🙂

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