Travel Swiss: Vevey


Vevey, located on the eastern edge of Lake Geneva, is one of those places so spectacularly beautiful it takes your breath away. The lake looks colossally big here, stretching off to the west so far away you can’t even see the mountains. I don’t know if I’ve written enough about Lake Geneva, about how surprised I was that it put our little mountain puddles in Canada to shame. The water is SO clear, sometimes that stunning aqua green you find in glacier lakes and occasionally the tropics. I’ve said this before: Lake Geneva is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. And, lucky me, I get to live here.


I’d never stopped to look around in Vevey before. There is a definite food-based theme going on in this town. It is the location of the Alimentarium, the gastro museum about all things edible. You can find this museum by its incredibly unique landmark, the Alimentarium Fork. Awesome. There is also a herb garden that contains terribly poisonous plants you rarely hear about outside a Harry Potter novel, as well as this photo of a kid eating his own pooh (in a very hippie, organic way) that has to be seen to be believed. This photo was found in the women’s lavatory.


As if that’s not great enough, Vevey has been headquarters of Nestle since basically the beginning of chocolate (wikipedia is telling me 1867). And … milk chocolate was invented here. Like, the real deal, best chocolate you could ever eat, even if you’re one of those people who pretends dark chocolate is soooo much better even though we’ve all tasted it and know it isn’t true. I’m definitely going to come back to the birthplace of milk chocolate!

Sadly, we were unable to find any actual chocolateries that were open. It seemed a little bizarre, but then we wondered whether the Nestle factory has a monopoly on selling chocolate there, and we were too late to check it out. The factory must pump its delicious chocolate smell for miles because the entire town smelt like milk chocolate, it was amazing. We didn’t have any chocolate that day, so we had to settle for enjoying the beautiful vistas. And dreaming about chocolate.



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