Gender Prediction

I am officially 20 weeks today in my pregnancy, meaning I am halfway-ish there! As much as I don’t want to wish away the last few months I have alone with X, I am looking forward to not being pregnant. I do not like being pregnant. Those women who gush about how amazing it is are crazy – it is painful and uncomfortable, with the swelling and the acne and the not being able to kick back with a hot bath or a glass of wine.

Despite not enjoying pregnancy, I am getting really excited to learn our new baby’s gender. We had to bump back our ultrasound where we can find out, since somebody had to be in the Congo the day it had been booked. (Hint: it’s not me. Or X). So while I’m impatiently waiting to find out the gender, I thought I’d try to figure it out using all the kooky old-fashioned ways people used to do it before there were such things as ultrasounds. I will say straight up that I have no preference whether this baby is a boy or a girl. I feel that either way it’s going to be fun. Having another boy in many ways will be easier. Having a girl would be exciting, but I feel it would change the dynamics of our family a lot more. I’m just super excited to discover who’s coming.

Chinese gender test: Girl

Mayan gender test: Girl

Queasiness: Yes, I was queasier with this pregnancy than the last (although not puking, thank god), but it finished after the first trimester. Girl

Carrying: Low. Boy, although I carried X so high he basically grew in my lungs, so this means nothing to me. Unlike the others, which are completely legitimate.

Ring test: Swings side to side. Boy

Energetic baby: Yes. Boy

My looks: Horrific. Girl

Cravings: Sweet. Girl

Skull: Square. Boy

Garlic test: This one is gross, but I don’t reek of garlic in my pores after eating it, thank god. Girl

Hands: Dry. Boy

Heel of bread: I don’t eat them. Girl

Romanian neighbour test: This is not a real test, but I have a Romanian neighbour who speaks no English and a few words of French. I was over there on a play date with X, and she looked at me and told me I would have two children, a boy and a girl. Only she worded it in a way like I already had the boy and the girl. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was already pregnant – I found out a week later. It gave me chills a bit. I think that’s as legitimate as anything. Girl

Mother’s intuition: This pregnancy definitely feels different from the last. My sickness was worse but I actually have for the most part felt better throughout so far. I describe it as: my pregnancy with X I felt hungover, constantly. Just like a piece of shit, and I didn’t even get to have the fun times beforehand to earn the hangover. This time, however, I just kind of feel drunk. Not swaying around slurring at people drunk, but that perfect I’ve had maybe-just-one-too-many buzz where the world seems like a beautiful, warm, magical place. So, that part of it is awesome. I’m not really sure how the gender of your baby could really affect your pregnancy in different ways – hormones maybe? Hormones do all kinds of fucked up shit. But, based on how I feel, I think this might be a girl. Girl

Results of the prediction are in: 9/14 for a girl. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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