Travel France: Yvoire


One of the many advantages of living in a place so surrounded by amazing locations and finds is that you’re constantly stumbling into cool things, totally by accident. The other day, we got a little lost and randomly drove by some Roman ruins (we made a note to get back there sometime, although the chances of us finding it again are slim).

On this recent particular Sunday, though, we were driving home, and wanted the little man to go down for a nap. It never fails, but he will invariably fall asleep when we are 10 minutes from home. Guaranteed. It doesn’t matter how long the drive is – twenty minutes or three hours. It’s like he knows – okay, ten minutes from home, this will be the absolute least convenient time for me to sleep, let’s do this. So we try to trick him. In this case, we decided to take the long way back to Geneva through France, and drove along the rugged coast of the lake. Our plan totally backfired, as the little man didn’t fall asleep, which meant he was up even longer than he should have been, but when it comes to our little surprise adventures, it couldn’t have been better.


We passed by a sign for a medieval town, and having determined that our little stinker was not even close to sleeping, Z suggested we stop and check it out. For some reason, once I’m in the car I never want to get out again. I get super lazy and want to just keep driving. If I’m alone on the road, I will only stop if I desperately need to pee, or if I’m running on fumes. Otherwise, totally not worth it to me. But every time I do actually stop to stretch my legs, I’m reminded how nice it feels to be out of the car. So it’s good I have a husband that convinces me to stop and take in these little things (by parking the car and leaving it.)


We were all very pleased when it became apparent that Yvoire is the prettiest place on the planet (according to Wikipedia, it is one of France’s most beautiful villages – this is an actual accreditation. I believe it). It is a medieval town built around a castle right on the lake, and has been very well preserved. It’s now clearly a tourist destination, full of adorable boutique shops, taverns and chocolateries. I had to be forcibly removed from one store with ridiculously expensive handcrafted baby clothes. I only left because I don’t know the gender yet! It has such quaint little streetscapes, with charming restaurants hiding behind veils of vines. And then you get a vista like this:


Wow. I realized that Yvoire is one of the few places on Lake Geneva that you can take a ferry to from Geneva (Lausanne is the major ferry port on the lake). So we could conceivably catch the ferry out in the morning for a day of shopping and lunching before returning back to Geneva in the evening. Sounds like a perfect day for me. Yvoire is an absolute gem, and we think it’s funny that no one talks about it. You’d think that a place as stunning as this, everyone would be recommending for you to check it out. But I guess it gets easy to take for granted crazy beautiful places when they are almost common place here. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I don’t want to ever take this for granted.



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