And it’s a …


I’ve been reading a lot about “strong willed” children lately. This is required reading for me lately, as it’s becoming obvious that I have one of those. And by “becoming obvious” I mean X was born, and we realized as he gave us the side eye that he was strong willed and we were really in for it now.

Not that there’s anything wrong with strong willed children. They are awesome. I (very misguidedly) used to want to have a big crowd of strong willed children, as it would mean they were intelligent and fierce and ready to stand up for what they believe in. What could be wrong with that?

Hah. Well, I know now. And I still want strong willed kids, to grow up into strong willed grown ups who do awesome things in the world. But for the moment I’m at war with my toddler and it’s sad what my battle wins percentage stands at (maybe 2%). X has learnt the word “no” – said by him in a light tone, almost with a question mark behind it. Eg. X, let’s go have something to eat. No? X, time for your bath. No? X, please get into your stroller. No? And so on and so forth. But when I say no to him, holy hell is that not okay. I’m afraid he’s going to become one of those kids who holds his breath until you do what they want. He would be the one that passes out before giving in.

The biggest war right now is pyjamas – what to wear to bed. You wouldn’t think this would be a big deal, but every night he has to go through and discard every sleeper he has, before settling on one of his three sleepers that has trains or cars on them. Usually, he’ll rummage through the dirty clothes bin to find these. I had the worst experience the other night. X had been up and down all night, and around the 3am mark I decided to change him in the (laughable) hope he would sleep in, and I wouldn’t have to worry about an overflowing diaper. Nightmare. I’m doing this bleary-eyed, not used to constant interrupted sleep anymore, and in the dark. I take off the diaper. Suddenly, there’s wetness everywhere. X has chosen the two seconds that his diaper is off to pee everywhere – on the change table, on me, and very importantly, all over his car pyjamas.

So I had to mop myself up in the dark the best I could and grab a new sleeper (to be fair, with cars on them as well). It was as if I decided to torture him to death. The screams. The tears. The horror. I had to hide the urine-soaked pyjamas in a closet so that he wouldn’t try to cuddle with them. It took over an hour to calm him down, where he settled down into hiccuping sobs against my chest and finally (finally) fell asleep again. I was absolutely shattered, and all over a pair of pyjamas.

Who wants strong willed children? Well, I still do. I just consider myself warned.

Anyway, to the reason you’re all actually reading. A friend of mine told me I should make life announcements on my blog, so as to reward my faithful readers. So here it is. I am having a …


… little girl. I had to go out and buy the pinkest, frilliest thing I could find. I can’t say that tutus and pink angel bears are definitely my baby girl style, but there’s no denying it gets the point across. One thing I missed with a boy is all the supremely adorable little girl clothes out there, so this was my chance to get PINK! out of my system.

So, points to the gender predictor tests, and to mama’s instincts. Apparently, the one gender test that seems to be accurate across the board (based on a scientific study I did in having someone tell me this) is the Chinese Gender Predictor test. It was right for both X and our new little girl, so maybe there’s something to that.

I am over the moon about having a little girl, but I would have been equally so about a little boy. It’s so exciting for us. And, the most important thing is she is very healthy and doing well. As is her mama. But so very tired dealing with her active, stubborn, hilarious, strong willed older brother.


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