Christmas time, Genevois style


Are you an introvert? I am such a classic introvert, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot – it’s a brilliant time to be an introvert. There’s all kind of news about how introverts are actually awesome and extroverts just need to back off a bit and stop trying to make us go to parties. I wish this had been more of a thing back when I was in high school. I thought there was something wrong with me. Besides near crippling shyness and intense social anxiety, I just really hated parties. Now though, I know, that it’s cool that I didn’t like parties. It’s just the way I am. Parties are like a necessary evil, but not the way I’d choose to enjoy my free time.

So when, due to austerity purposes, the big scary fancy Christmas party Z’s company is throwing decided to cut out significant others, I was (not so) secretly thrilled. Whassat? I can’t go to your scary grown up party? Especially without the calming social lubrication of alcohol, which I admittedly used to rely on too much when I was younger in order to endure these things? Oh, boo.

Instead, it is Friday night and I am watching Love Actually, which Z despises. I couldn’t be happier. I have like a check list of awesome things for introverts to enjoy around me:

By myself: check

Christmas chocolate I shouldn’t be eating: check

Trashy magazines: check

Trashy movie: check

Book I can cuddle up with later: check (I’m reading Wuthering Heights right now, to counteract the bad influence of trashy magazine and movie)

Sigh. Life can be so good sometimes. I rarely ever get to be by myself, and as an introvert those moments are important, so I need to relish them as much as possible. But I digress completely. This post was supposed to be about Christmas decorations. I’m really proud of what I’ve put together in my Swiss chalet. I didn’t go all out, but have some fun pieces I really like. The piece de resistance is the chandelier.


This beauty nearly caused an electrical fire and meant I was stuck without power for a day and a half, but worth it, right? (you can see the burn mark on the ceiling where I blew this puppy up – oops!) I love traditional Christmas colours and adore how this came together.


These Christmas balls were the only thing I really shelled out money for this year, besides the tree. They are mouth-blown glass and hand painted, and extremely fragile, as I discovered with my first few mishaps with accidentally dropped balls.


I’d say one of the biggest traditions my family has at Christmas time is the stockings, so these very importantly had to be hung by the fire with care. With my mother in law visiting this Christmas, I wanted her to have a stocking as well and set out to find one. Apparently the Swiss do not hang stockings, because I couldn’t find one anywhere. And there are a lot of very crazy Christmas shops around here, so that’s saying something. I had four days left and a sick baby at home, so just decided to make her one instead.


I had to use yarn I already had, and almost everything I had was very masculine in colour, so I had to do the best I could. This is one homely, homemade stocking, but it’s the thought that counts (I hope). This is the very first time I’ve ever embroidered anything. I was just going on a vague idea about how it was done. It looks … okay.


Cute, even. I’ll pretend a child did it.

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy my free night. I’m also going to enjoy this all by the light of my Christmas tree, which makes everything better, doesn’t it?



One thought on “Christmas time, Genevois style

  1. Enjoy your quiet evening. I have to go to my husband’s office party tonight and i am dreading it. I’d rather spend the night in knitting than fake being interested in having a conversation with the drunken co-workers.

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