Travel France: Lyon (a do-over)

I’m getting closer to baby-go time here, but Z and I took advantage of having family in town to go on one last trip … alone. Just the two of us. While X got to spend some quality time with his Mamie, we got to have a little babymoon away for the night.

While we initially were going to go to Paris for the weekend, our plans got tailored a little bit so it became Lyon for the night. That meant we were only away from our little man for one night, and we didn’t have the four-hour train ride there and back cutting into our holiday. Also, after a rather slap-dash attempt at seeing Lyon, we wanted to give it more respect with a quality trip. Without children.

Because Lyon is not a place for kids. I’m sure there are some places that are great for kids there, but we really wanted to experience the city for all that it offers – like the amazing food. Lyon is famous for it’s food. You can’t take a step without running into another quality bistro or restaurant. Everywhere you go it’s pretty much essential to get at least the three-course meal. And you just can’t do that with a toddler. Oh, and did I mention? There was a restauranteur convention going on in Lyon while we were there, so every chef in town was totally on their A game.


So we left in the morning, not too early, and drove the hour and a half to Lyon. It is so close, guys, it’s like going to Banff from Calgary. We checked into our hotel in the Old Town, then crossed one of the rivers to the Presqu’il, where there’s a big shopping and eating district.

We cozied up to the restaurant we weren’t able to get into last time we were in town. Seafood is huge here, and sold on the streets in front of restaurants. The waiters pop out to grab the crab or oysters or whatever they need for meals. It’s very cool. Chez Moss was fantastic, apparently known for their oysters. I couldn’t partake, due to extreme pregnancy, but Z sure did. At first he wasn’t sure if his starter of six oysters would be enough … until he saw them. They were monstrous. And delicious. I went with a vegetable flan, which was like a veggie mousse and not as gross as you would think it would be.

We had the trout and salmon as mains, and they were just so good. Everything was melt in your mouth. And because we could, we had dessert: chocolate torte. Oh my god. I just can’t tell you how nice it was to be out at a fancy restaurant enjoying really good food, without having to make a dash for the door when X lost his shit.

Next we wandered the streets and shopped. Like, it real grown up stores. Without having to shove a stroller through crowds. It was great. But busy. Lyon is full of tiny fashionista-types. And the stores were crowded (there were some kick ass January sales going on, and with our strong Swiss franc, we definitely took advantage!)


In our wanders, we happened upon an enormous Ferris wheel. Like, Disney huge. I don’t know why it was there, but it was completely empty, due to the snow flurries and general chilliness. So of course we had to jump on. You don’t pass by a Ferris wheel in Lyon on your baby moon without going for a ride. I’ve always found Ferris wheel’s sort of disconcerting, but by the end I was getting into it. The snow was really pretty and we were able to get a good look around at the whole city.


There was also an awesome drunk brass band playing in the square. I don’t think all of them were drunk, but they were drinking and having a great time. It made me wish I played trombone. And they were REALLY good. Even goofing around as they were. It made my afternoon.

Then came the real luxury. Going back to the hotel, where we could do things like take a bath and nap on our own schedule. How fantastic. And to not have dinner reservations until nine, like sophisticated people. It was heaven.


We had to look around a bit to find a place that wasn’t full of all those restauranteurs who had traveled to Lyon to eat, but we did stumble across a new place that was chock-full of atmosphere in the Old Town. Like, red velvets and torches. We were shown to the uber cool downstairs, where we were set up next to an ancient stairwell which had been turned into a wine cellar. I basically loved everything about the whole experience. It was the nicest holiday we’ve had in awhile, because it was so relaxing and we got to do some of the things we haven’t been able to do since having our first.


And now. We are in waiting mode. Our travel plans are on hold until we get the hang of having two children. That shouldn’t take too much time, right? Right? guys?


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